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  1. NIT bound
  2. Anybody hear the rumors about Brunner to UNI???
  3. McCarney to close practices
  4. UNI Baseball beats the Hawks
  5. Panthers over Hawkeyes again
  6. What's everyone's thoughts about Jared Holman
  7. UNI vs. ISU---Football, 1st game of season
  8. Iowa Gets Dropped By Mizzou--UNI To The Rescue??!!
  9. Gotta Love Hawk Fans....
  10. Berryman arrested, suspended again
  11. UNI to replace Missouri as Hawkeye foe
  12. Cyclone fans
  13. Predictions for UNI-ISU
  14. UNI Preparation Begins
  15. ISU to start Meyer at QB
  16. Boycott Hy-Vee?
  17. Major Purchase
  18. McCarney: Dobbins will start, Smith will move
  19. How many fans?
  20. Deace on KXNO this afternoon
  21. Iowa State Depth Chart vs. UNI
  22. Hy-Vee's response...
  23. Pride Cometh Before a Fall
  24. If I must.......
  25. The HyVee boycott makes news!
  26. The only thing....
  27. Mens Rugby vs Iowa
  28. How bad is UNI going to beat the Hawks in Carver?
  29. Bulls Roster.....Puke!!
  30. Hello everyone
  31. I'm so pumped for December 7
  32. Tickets for the Iowa State game
  33. Great Bulletin Board material
  34. What Is A Cyclone?
  35. How To Screw UNI 101
  36. Dear Mr. Jurgens,
  37. Clearing up the Morgan T
  38. Prediction Thread for Tuesday Night
  39. Are you ready to be pumped?
  40. This is it.....
  41. Iowa State Thugs
  42. Good Luck At Iowa
  43. Iowa State Sucks
  44. Sounds like Pierce is at it again....
  45. Pierce Removed from team
  46. Iowa looking at Dana Altman
  47. Big Dance
  48. Official ISU/UNI/IU tournament thread
  49. Iowa St falls below APR level
  50. Maybe Alford Not Gone!!!
  51. Iowa about to be out of tourney
  52. Hey Wonkamilker!
  53. Two Free Tickets for UNI/Iowa Football, and Hotel
  54. Van De Velde out/ Hartzell in?
  55. Ill State vs. UNI - Not relevant?
  56. Iowa Hawkeyes
  57. Pick what games Allen should miss?
  58. ISU vs. Iowa
  59. The chat tonight ought to be good...
  60. ISU vs. Iowa, Part 2
  61. Can You Believe This?
  62. Sound Off Prediction
  63. This is why...
  64. Gonzo, saw the HR thread
  65. 10:30 press conference in Ames
  66. Hawk fan at finest
  67. Is Iowa not that good?
  68. Why are we discussing Iowa again?
  69. Dual fan?
  70. I know this isn't ISU, Iowa, or UNI...
  71. Clone fans on edge
  72. What is FM to do this week?
  73. What would happen if...?
  74. Let's talk BB
  75. Iowa vs Michigan
  76. Iowa Rivals
  77. ISU Looses to EA Sports???
  78. OK, someone's been smoking crack
  79. 3 of the best players in the nation reside in this state
  80. It could be worse Hawks...
  81. Why Hawks Fans Suck
  82. 11/29 BB Game vs ISU
  83. ISU vs. Drake
  84. Congratulations on the win
  85. ISU vs Iowa BB
  86. The App. State - Iowa Connection
  87. Ferentz to interview for the Houston Opening
  88. Iowa to play Montana in 2006
  89. UNI MadCat - The Badger resurrection; a historical primer
  90. ESPN dig at Iowa
  91. Unreal...
  92. Thanks a lot ISU
  93. No NIT for Clones???
  94. Iowa Deserving of a 3?
  95. Trouble for ISU/Morgan
  96. Wayne just got the boot
  97. Wow!!!!
  98. College basketball in Iowa takes a huge step back next year
  99. ISU/Mac Conspiracy Theory
  100. Possible UNI Heach Coaching Candidates
  101. Smack Talk from CBS Sportsline
  102. Wayne Morgan Speaks!
  103. Roman Gentry
  104. Iowa Coaching Possibility if Alford Leaves
  105. Missou contacts Iowa re: Alford
  106. Alford gets smashed
  107. I guess the Hawkeyes aren't perfect after all....
  108. Suddenly those people in Iowa City don't matter as much
  109. Guess it's not Alford for IU...
  110. Alford to OU
  111. Hardest Coaching job in the country....
  112. Corridor Classic
  113. Sporting News article on McDermott
  114. Job opening...
  115. UNI Softball takes down Iowa State
  116. Shawn Taggart And Farnold Degand To Transfer
  117. Alford actually gets a 4 star player
  118. Mac signs McIntosh
  119. More Good News From L'Ames: ISU Under Investigation!
  120. Arena upgrade comparisons
  121. This is one HS All-American Ferentz is probably glad got away
  122. Blalock officially gone
  123. Crawford to ISU
  124. ISU/Bradley ink deal for ESPN2
  125. Buying Loyalty
  126. Brands plucks a Panther
  127. No thread on ISU's facility upgrades?
  128. UNI Will Play ISU 4 More Times!
  129. Blalock 37th
  130. ISU Billboard
  131. Pollard's latest classless act
  132. AVID Hawk Fan running a Wisconsin Website...
  133. Choosing Your Colors
  134. Hubalek Suspended
  135. NEW Iowa AD "On Press Row" Today!!!
  136. Greenway out for the season
  137. 2006-2007 ISU Basketball Schedule Released
  138. Mac signs another bigtime recruit
  139. UNI vs. Iowa State VB TONIGHT!
  140. Pan-Cy-Hawk Standings
  141. McDermott BillBoard in Cedar Rapids
  142. New Cyclone Basketball Pic
  143. Purple Today
  144. Mikey and Tyler Smith Arrested
  145. Ronnie Harmon "honorary captain"??
  146. Iowa doesn't look very good.
  147. Thank You Cyclone Fans
  148. The record stands
  149. MAC's post game comments
  150. ISU vs EA Sports
  151. Here it comes...Mac OUT in Ames
  152. KCCI confirms MaC steps down.
  153. Stupid Hawks
  154. Stupid Panthers
  155. Heading to the Iowa State vs Minnesota Game Tuesday
  156. Coach McDermott's Comments in the Register
  157. That away clones!!!
  158. New ISU Coach Announced on Monday
  159. UNI...The team EVERYONE comes back for
  160. Usa, Usa, Usa
  161. Why is Mac's Bio still on UNI website?
  162. Drake SMOKING ISU!!
  163. Iowa-ISU Wrestling
  164. And the Hawks will play....The...TEXAS LONGHORNS
  165. Iowa vs. Iowa State
  166. ISU is giving Ohio State a run
  167. Drew Tate's Comments
  168. ISU needs to schedule them!!!!
  169. Rank the Coaches!
  170. Coach Mac
  171. ISU Football Tickets
  172. Disgusting.....
  173. Dallas Clark Kicked out of High School Game
  174. Barry Stevens
  175. UNI vs Iowa in McLeod
  176. Two Coaches & Two Media Outlets Sing A Different Tune on Same Outcome...
  177. U of I Buys Website Names
  178. Mike Taylor arrested
  179. Alford To New Mexico
  180. Majerus in at Iowa
  181. Lickliter to Iowa
  182. Good luck Alford
  183. Dual Fan Trophy
  184. Tyler Smith Leaves Iowa
  185. ISU disciplines 4 football players
  186. ISU loses two men's basketball scholarships
  187. Dodie Dunson Leaving ISU
  188. Isu T&f
  189. McDermott Quote
  190. Iowa/ISU FB Game
  191. UNI's Superbowl???
  192. Iowa State's ticket plan for Iowa game
  193. Mike Taylor Kicked off ISU BB Team
  194. Hawk Fans not happy with roster
  195. ISU-Kent State
  196. Stop me if you've heard this...
  197. Cy-Hawk Series
  198. ISU enters Bottom 10
  199. ISU vs Iowa
  200. MOJO's
  201. Another Iowa Law-Breaker
  202. Hawks get curfew
  203. Uni = State Champs!!!
  204. Dual-fans post here
  205. Iowa Fans filing out early in the 4th
  206. Save Cy at "I-State"??
  207. Ferentz angry with reporters
  208. UNI would beat Iowa this year.
  209. Fun Sunday Reading... Enjoy!
  210. Halloween
  211. Iowa vs. UNI - Rivalry or Not???
  212. interesting article in Daily Iowan...
  213. OT: Iowa Hawks (sorry)
  214. More Trouble
  215. Transfer: Tyler Smith vs. Carlton Reed?
  216. Ferentz
  217. The Modern Era of UNI Sports...
  218. Iowa Fans Hoop It Up Now !
  219. Iowa basketball: An empty feeling at Carver-Hawkeye
  220. Iowa's Pink Locker Room
  221. Iowa St beats Purdue
  222. Arrest hits 12th Hawkeye football player..
  223. the definition of ON FIRE
  224. If EC gets a rebound in Carver...
  225. Hawkeye fans do NOT like Cyclone fans
  226. 2007-08 Hawkeye sweep?
  227. OT- tony freeman leaving iowa
  228. OT- wesley johnson transferring?
  229. Iowa Football Police Blotter (2 New Stories!)
  230. So Typical of Iowa St
  231. ISU vs. Iowa
  232. UI: Mason fires Mills & Jones
  233. Wtf?
  234. You Know Your Team is Worthless When.....
  235. Does Shonn Greene go pro after this year?
  236. An observation re: Iowa fans
  237. Iowa State @ Iowa
  238. Chizik to Auburn
  239. Big 11 football being exposed
  240. Ferentz to Kansas City?
  241. Mizzou pasted Iowa State today
  242. Question for you guys
  243. Colorado at ISU (MBB)
  244. Cyclone Nation
  245. Police charge Iowa player Clayborn with punching cabbie
  246. Is it me, or
  247. Just heard from a reliable source
  248. Shocking Developments
  249. ISU WBB Transfers
  250. Brackins staying at ISU