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New PST Website

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  • New PST Website

    Hello Panther Fans,

    Just wanted to let you know that we now have a website up and going for the brand new weekly 30-minute UNI Sports TV show "Panther Sports Talk". Log onto: www.PantherSportsTalk.com for a quick glance at what this fast paced and exciting Panther Sports Show will look like.

    As of June 5th we have signed contracts with the WB in Central Iowa, the WB in Eastern Iowa and Cedar Falls Utilities to air the program on their respective stations. The first show will kickoff August 12th and air every Saturday thereafter for 42 straight weeks!!!!! This show will have interviews with coaches, features on student athletes and alumni, music from local bands and most importantly HIGHLIGHTS from each and every sports program at UNI.

    Right now we are in the process of finding businesses to become sponsors for this new program that will air in homes all across the state of Iowa. Please contact me and let me know if you have any ideas for potential sponsors.

    Rick Hartzell and the UNI Athletics Department completely endorses this new sports program and they are excited for the increased publicity that it will provide Panther Athletics.

    If you live outside of the viewing area you can watch each and every show archived on www.PantherSportsTalk.com.

    Thank you for your support Panther Nation. I look forward to hearing input from you throughout the first season of "Panther Sports Talk" and please don't hesitate to provide ideas on how to make this new sports program the best around.

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    I just looked at the site, and you will have a viewer on the archives up here in British Columbia!!!!!!! Thanks!


    • #3
      I just looked at the site as well. you will have a viewer from Reynoldsburg, Ohio and maybe Dallas, Texas.


      • #4
        That's going to be awesome for raising the profile of UNI across the state. Sorry I can't offer any ideas on sponsors, but you've got a fan of your show in Nebraska!


        • #5
          When you say "Eastern Iowa WB", how many communities in eastern Iowa does that encompass? Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque, Clinton, the Quad Cities?
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            Go to www.kwkb.com, then click on "About Us". It shows their signal strength. Plus, I'm pretty sure more of NE Iowa gets KWKB on their cable/dish networks. It looks like it goes to all of SE Iowa, eastern Iowa, and half of NE Iowa.
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              FYI...KWKB is only going to be "Eastern Iowa's WB" for a short time, and might not be by the time this show debuts.


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                The WB stations in Eastern Iowa and Central Iowa will officially become CW stations on Sept. 18th (1 month into Season 1 of Panther Sports Talk). It will have the same signal strength and cover the same area but should have better programming with the best shows of WB and UPN merged onto this new network.

                The CW Television Network, or more casually The CW, is a new television network in the United States set to launch for the 2006-07 television season. Launching Monday, September 18, 2006, it will feature a mixture of programming from both UPN and The WB television networks, which will both cease independent operations. The network, which will target younger viewers, is a joint venture between CBS Corporation, owner of UPN, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, a subsidiary of Time Warner, majority owner of The WB.

                CBS and Warner Bros. hope that by combining their networks' schedules and station lineups, The CW will strengthen into a fifth "major" broadcast network. Unlike the "Big Four" broadcast networks, The CW does not seem to have any current plans to offer news or sports programming to their affiliates.


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                  Note to KWKB....get yourself on CFU in HD NOW. Until you do, you do not exist to me...except for any programming directly related to UNI


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                    Looks great!

                    However, do you realize that you are making the summer seem even longer now?!! Can't wait.

                    If there was a previous coaches show, we did not get any down here in SE Iowa - wrong Fox affiliate on cable?

                    We do get the WB out of Iowa City. Sounds like this is our chance. Thanks Eric - looks like you bleed purple!!

                    See you in the dome.
                    Josh Mahoney, Ellie Blankenship, Adam Koch, Jacqui Kalen, David Johnson, Madison Weekly = Golden Panthers on and off the court.


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                      Just checked it out. Looks good.





                      • #12
                        There will be at least one viewer from central CA as well.