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Any Thoughts for PST?

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  • Any Thoughts for PST?

    Hello Panther Nation!

    I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer. Just wanted to give a quick update on "Panther Sports Talk". This weekly 30-minute UNI Sports TV show will be making the move to KWWL-NBC next season and replace the program "Sports Plus" on Sunday nights. "Panther Sports Talk" will directly follow the 10:00 news each week from August 19th through the middle of May 2008. The show will also air across most of the state of Iowa SATURDAYS at 10 AM on KDMI which is Mediacom channel 20. Right now we are speaking with a couple of other television stations in different markets about airing the program but are very happy with the stations who will be airing our show next season!

    That being said, we still need a couple more sponsors for season 2 of Panther Sports Talk. This is a great way for a business to associate themselves with Panther Athletics while getting valuable advertising time on some quality TV stations.

    The only way that this show is possible is from our great sponsors and we are so thankful for everyone who is on board as of July 5th.
    *Lincoln Savings Bank
    *University Book and Supply
    *Smitty's Tire and Appliance
    *United States Army
    *Witham Auto
    *Panther Scholarship Club!

    Please send me a private message, an e-mail ([email protected]) or post any ideas that you might have for possible sponsors that might be interested in supporting a weekly UNI Sports TV program that airs across the state.

    For a look back at any of the 42 shows from Season I log onto the shows official website: www.PantherSportsTalk.com

    Thanks for all that you do Panther Nation. Looking forward to bringing you more interviews, highlights and stories from every UNI Sports team next year!

    -Big Show

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    how about the new casino?
    "I think they're very good," Farley said of the preseason top 25 Hawkeyes. "But so are we."


    • #3
      The university might not allow casino advertising, just guessing.

      I don't know much about the tv biz, but that sounds like a big step up in terms of time slot and station to me. Congrats Eric.

      I assume those of us who are stuck in central Iowa watching sound off at that time will get the show on the following saturday, not the day before.


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        I'm excited to have a Panther Sports show to be featured on a station that reaches Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque and points in between. Keep up the great work with the program Big Show!
        "10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react to what happens."


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          Congrats on moving to KWWL. While it's disappointing that they're abandoning Sports Plus (they've gotten increasingly lazy over there in the last year or so) this will be a nice place for your program.

          For those in central Iowa, KDMI (My 56.1) is an all digital tv station that broadcasts over-the-air at channel 56 in Des Moines. If you don't have mediacom, and you don't have a digital TV yet, you can't even pick it up.

          You'll have a digital TV soon, however. You have no choice.

          I have a questions.

          Does a portion of the advertising proceeds go towards UNI Athletics o the PSC, or is it all used to recoup production costs?

          You're doing good work, congrats on the move "up" in the world.


          • #6
            Thanks for the nice posts everyone. Yes, in Central Iowa you can catch the show on channel 56 over the air, or if you have Mediacom check it out on Channel 20.

            Also to answer your question Newsbreaker, the money raised from sponsors for Panther Sports Talk goes to pay a full-time and part-time person, 2 HD cameras, and all the other equipment needed for the production of the show. We have made several different videos for the Panther Scholarship Club and for the UNI Athletics Department free of charge this past year (check out the Senior Highlight Video on the UNI Panthers website) and plan on continuing to donating our services for various projects once again.

            We are all working on that common goal of promoting Panther Athletics across the state!


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              Big Show, I think you know my idea for the fall shows at least and I'm still game if there's a plan in place to do it
              "10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react to what happens."