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Iowa State v Incarnate Word

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  • #16
    Originally posted by cydave View Post
    I paid $50 to a scalper for a ticket. I will receive nothing in return. Life goes on.
    I was wondering if you could show a ticket stub and get a replacement, but probably not because I replacement would have already gone to the original buyer who will get a two-for-one deal.

    I sold some extra tickets to out-of-state folks (to whom I already contacted and told them they can have the replacements for free or let me try to sell the new ones and give the money back to them).


    • #17
      Originally posted by Big Cats View Post
      I have a friend who is an SDSU grad and he just received rain check tickets to attend the game with Incarnate Word. He tells me the SDSU fans consider this a slap in the face. I'm not sure I disagree with him. However I do understand the scheduling issues that ISU is dealing with in replacing this game.
      "Slap in the face?" Would it be better for Iowa State to pocket the money and not offer anything to the "original" purchaser of a ticket? Perhaps the few dozen fans who fall into this category should contact their ticket office and try to get a refund from the $425,000 windfall that SDSU got. Or better yet, sell the tickets to Iowa State fans who are actually excited about having an eighth home game. It is not a "slap in the face," but could be "cash in the pocket."

      It has to be a logistics nightmare, but I can't think of anything better to do than what they are doing, namely giving new tickets to every original purchaser of tickets.


      • #18
        I don't see how it's a windfall for SDSU. They incurred all the expense of traveling to Ames for a game and are now 1 game short on the season as well, which they probably have no chance of making up. They have no additional revenue or less expense than if the game had been played other than maybe saving on some athletic tape.
        GO PANTHERS!


        • #19
          SDSU still got their check and came out of a near-certain loss completely injury free without an L in the loss column which could be huge for them come playoff seeding. It's literally best case scenario.

          As far as Incarnate Word, if their name was Southeastern Oklahoma or some other directional, no one would be saying a thing about it.


          • #20
            I believe the NCAA has already given SDSU dispensation on playing a 10 game schedule. It wont count against them come playoff time.
            "They keep saying that what really matters is not whether you win or lose, but how you played the game. The trouble is that the best way to determine how you played the game is by whether you won or lost." - Anonymous


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              Originally posted by vbfan19 View Post
              How is them adding this game any different than how many people on here want UNI to schedule more games against PFL/MEAC/etc. opponents for their non-conference games?
              Those are all the same subdivision games. They are equivalent to CUSA, SBC, MAC schools for Iowa State.

              ive never been a fan of P5 schools scheduling schools like UIW (who has become a whore for the southern B12 schools), Northerstern State (really any non SHSU or McNeese (some years) SLC teams. Or the SWAC, MEAC, Big South, and most of the SoCon.

              Im honestly shocked UIW is actually a counter scholarship wise. I won’t be shocked to hear they aren’t - ala Florida States win over Delaware State last year.

              At at least when you’ve got an FCS school like UNI scheduling those conference your on the same basic playing level.

              UIW has been a full fcs member program since 2014. They are 13-34 in that time. 8 of those 13 wins are against fellow start ups Houston Baptist, Lamar or non D1s TAMU Commerce or ACU (pre finishing their D1 move)

              "People will talk about getting into the playoffs - don't give a ****. This isn't about just getting to the playoffs. Bull**** programs care about just getting to the playoffs."
              -A twist on Matt Campbell getting Iowa State bowl eligible.