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Tickets for Iowa State

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  • Tickets for Iowa State

    As some of you know, I'm also an Iowa State fan. In fact, I'm a booster with many season tickets (and always have extra single game tickets). And this is one of rare times when that may be beneficial to UNI fans.

    First, I would be willing to sell some of our good tickets to UNI fans. These will be transferred through the ISU Ticket Office. I've provided tickets to a few UNI fans for each of the last few games, so you can verify my legitimacy.
    • Section M Row 1 for $85 each (the same rate as tickets from the UNI Ticket Office, but with no fees). This is a true front row that looks straight onto the field from the SW corner. Good views of both videoboards. The sun will be setting behind you, so no squinting. Extra legroom. These are the "best cheap seats" in the stadium. I will be sitting in the twin row in the SE corner. Also, note that this is close to the visitors sections (15, 16 on the lower level, H, J in the upper deck), so they will be a little to your left.
    • Section 10 Row 30 for $170 each. This is a high row, near the 40-yard line, with early shade because of the upper deck.

    Second, you are welcome to our tailgate (as long as you aren't a jerk). Typically, we have one of the largest UNI groups as a subset of our group. Look for us in the grass between the D-1 RV lot and University Blvd. Family-friendly, but with good food, drinks, and games.

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    Bought some very good tickets near the UNI section for a friend who bailed on coming to the game. So, now I have 4 tickets in Section H Row 1. True front row. On the sideline in the section next to the upper deck visitor's section. I bought them for UNI fans, so I thought I would offer them here too. $100 each. I will sell in sets of 2 or 4.


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      UNIdad sent you a dm