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    Makes me smile


    Originally Posted by Newsbreaker
    The 'standard' is to take 15% of all sales from a vendor, iirc. Take 10 and you'll have several show up I'm sure.

    IMHO, if you're paying 1000 bones to the freaking Nadas, you might as well let them sleep with your wife becasue they're already screwing you. A band is a good idea and helps the students show up, but by band I also mean smaller versions of our marching band out and about, helping create atmosphere.


    You are my favorite PNer. You obviously must have an MBA or a Doctorate of some sort. I say that, because if you worked for the media there would no way you were that smart, especially if it is radio. If you are actually that smart and do work for a radio station, GET OUT RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN BEFORE THE MAN COMES IN AND SAYS THAT YOU ARE OUT BECAUSE HE FOUND SOMEONE THAT HE CAN PAY HALF THE SALARY AND IS HALF AS GOOD, BUT HE DOES NOT CARE!!!!

    Just trying to help you out professionaly.

    You have some great ideas, but my brother works in he world of college sports marketing, and its like no other business out there. Its not just marketing its a lot of other B.S. to deal with too.

    You should call up to the Dome and bring your ideas and solutions to the table, if they work they would probably hire you or at least give you season tickets or popcorn for life!!!

    P.S. check out www.monster.com
    The Big Mac Attack of the Panthers
    Coach Mac, The Mac (McLeod) Center, and McCoy Court