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Any news from the Basketball Golf Outing?

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    I thought for a second without reading the dates, that Johnny Orr's ghost had come back to speak at a golf outing.
    Sounds like the beginning of a good joke.

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  • GonzoCat
    There was a spam bot post which has been removed.

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  • Bookin' Panther
    Where did this come from???? Thirteen years later?

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  • UNIAlum95
    That was a great article. I would have loved to hear Orr speak.

    I was also impressed with Mac's 4 under round. Nice game.

    Very classy of Farley to make an appearance. I saw Mac heading up to the dome on Saturday to watch the game. It's a great atmosphere at UNI. I'm proud to be part of it.

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  • Panthers to the Bone
    Great article discussing the UNI MBB Golf Outing from the Courier:


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  • JCPanthers
    It was awesome!! You couldn't ask for better weather. This was the 3rd year of this tournament and they had over 150 golfers!! I think they said the first year they had 80, last year 110, and then this year they overfilled it!

    The players came out after the golf was finished and I got a chance to talk with a few of them. Sounds like they are ready to get started - 5 weeks til it officially starts. Foster's knee is coming along just fine and I thought he said that he's been playing on it for 2 months now. I talked with Vince Polackavich (sp?), and he is adjusting to school and being away from home. He's pretty skinny, which I think they are taking care of that. He never lifted weights in Germany, and I heard that after his first time here, he couldn't move for a week.

    Johnny O was pretty comical.....He let a few F bombs fly during his speech, which is common for him. He was very complimentary of Mac and his staff and UNI's entire athletic dept. In fact he came right out and said that the "God da#n coaches in Iowa City and Ames could learn a few things from UNI's coaches on how to run their programs and build community support.

    The highlight of the night for me was I won a trip for two to the UNI vs. Iowa basketball game in Iowa City. I actually bid on it during the auction, but I didn't want my wife to know how much I paid. Not only do I get tickets to the game, but my son and I get to ride down with the team, join them for the pregame meal, go thru the shoot around at Carver, go in the locker room and sit behind the bench during the game!!!

    I also had someone come up to me and said "he got a phone call from Panther Nation headquarters, wanting to know if JCPanthers was in the House!!! Who could that have been PTTB???

    All in all it was a great day to talk about Panther basketball and raise money for the program!!

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  • Any news from the Basketball Golf Outing?

    Any news? How was Johnny Orr? And the speaches by the coaches/players (if any)?