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Henke's Journal....good stuff

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  • Henke's Journal....good stuff

    he talks about "internet message boards" ??? what are those???

    a good read...


    Henke's journal: Ex-UNI, NFL star Paup at practice

    Editor's note: Cory Henke, a Waverly native, is a senior on the Northern Iowa football team. He will be sharing some of his thoughts and experiences from camp over the next two weeks as the Panthers work toward their Sept. 4 opener at Iowa State.

    Are we there yet?

    That seems to be the question when I think about the time remaining between football camp and our first game. I can't wait for the season to start, but I know it is going to take work to get there.

    You can tell that we are changing as a team and starting to become the 2004 Panthers, which happens every year around this time.

    It is going to be exciting to watch as all 90 players in camp start to become one team. Right now, we are broken up into basically three phases — offense, defense and special teams. No team in the nation would be ready to play a game at this point, but in two weeks every one will have to be ready.

    Camp is starting to show its routine of football intensity.

    However, earlier this week we got a small change from the routine when Bryce Paup, former Panther and NFL defensive MVP, stopped at practice to give us a few words of encouragement.

    Coach Farley always lets us know that when we leave this program we are more than welcome to come back and share some thoughts with the team. Bryce told us that he believed his success came not from his athletic ability but his ability to be more technical and smarter than his opponent.

    He stressed film study and mental preparation. He went as far as to say that he believes that football is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical.

    This year, the media has put a lot of hype into our team. Many polls have us as high as sixth in the nation. That is all really great, but we know that those polls will change dramatically by the time November rolls around.

    With so much hype and attention, there are naturally a lot of write-ups and stories about our team and the individuals on our team. Guys on our team read most everything that is written about us.

    If a feature story was written about a teammate, you can guarantee that they will receive some flack for their comments or just the fact that they got a write-up. Some guys read the Internet message boards, and even though we don't take most of what is written on those boards seriously, we do read them.

    I think those boards are good for the fans to take part in and add some additional excitement to a game or rivalry. If ever anything negative were to be written, we know that our team is a family, and we know that outside our program, nobody but us really knows what goes on within our family.

    Only two weeks to go before we start our season. With the campus coming to life and the unseasonably cool weather, it is starting to feel like fall is here. Camp has been a marathon — physically and mentally.

    Next week we become student-athletes again. We are starting to get out of the camp mode and will start to focus on our season.

    It will be here faster than it seems.