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Ali Farokhmanesh, Men's Basketball

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  • Ali Farokhmanesh, Men's Basketball

    This is a couple of years old - posted on March 20th of that year.

    There is a lot from Ali in this nearly 40-minute audio interview about much more than the Kansas game:


    (Sorry if a repost - my quick search of the forums did not turn this one up)
    "Well, that escalated quickly."

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    Being a UNI grad, and having a fantastic memory of those wins over UNLV and then Kansas, hearing this interview was exciting for me. Ali is one of those people to me that I just wish I could meet him in person. I live in British Columbia, and that night of the game against Kansas, I was teaching at a 4-H dog showmanship seminar. So I had not watched the game. To get home there was a stretch where I was on a 4-lane highway through farmland, so it was dark. As I was driving I suddenly noticed purple to the extreme right and to the extreme left. I glanced over to see what that was, but when I turned it was just black. As I looked forward again, the purple was back. Shortly I was on a bridge over the river to get home, and it was lit, so the purple disappeared. The minute I got home, I turned on the basketball scores and just started yelling and cheering when I saw UNI won that game! The night of the game against Michigan State, I was doing the second half of that seminar. As I drove home, there was no purple. I was disappointed. But when I got home, the game was not finished, but I also saw we were not going to win. So to hear Ali's disappointment losing that game, I don't feel so bad about my disappointment that night. I also have to say, I LOVE that video Ali did with the Kansas fans. I laugh my head off constantly. He handled that one with the perfect amount of having fun, even the Kansas fans had a laugh right along with him. I still have a copy of Sports Illustrated with Ali on the cover, and I also have the sports section of Denver paper the next day with that photo in black and white, with the headliner: Kansas Killer.