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AJ Green | 2022 NBA Draft and Team Projections

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  • AJ Green | 2022 NBA Draft and Team Projections

    Having a UNI Panther in the Draft is pretty cool. That, combined with the slow summer sports news season, should have us talking about projections and teams for AJ.
    There hasn't been much in the press. They're mostly interested in figuring out who the top-10 draft prospects are.

    This morning I found this:


    Round 2 - Pick 23 (53rd overall) AJ Green SG
    NORTHERN IOWA • JR • 6'4" / 190 LBS
    POSITION RNK 18th PPG 18.8 RPG 3.7 APG 2.5 3P% 38.8%
    Green will bypass returning to college in something of a surprise after Iowa State and Duke came after him. He's a skilled scorer who was one of the best pick-and-roll creators in college last season.

    53rd overall would be pretty cool.
    Other big board projections:
    Panthers beat Hawkeyes.......AGAIN! https://drafttrends.com/most-accurate-nba-big-board/ Petersen to Iowa? https://www.cbssports.com/nba/draft/prospect-rankings/
    Farley Signs New Contract https://www.rookiescale.com/2022-consensus-board/
    # 132 http://hoopobsession.com/HO2022NBADraft.html

    Also, it's interesting that they have him going to Boston, since we're watching Boston -vs- GS tonight. My son was upset to hear Boston; he does not want to cheer for them. But by the end of the conversation, he referred to Boston as "we." So I think we'll cheer for AJ regardless.

  • #2
    I saw SI ranked AJ as their No. 92 draft prospect in an article yesterday: https://www.si.com/nba/2022/06/15/nb...p-100-rankings


    • #3
      As a Celtic's fan, I'd love to see A.J. drafted by them. They have a depth problem, a ball handling problem and a shooting problem. He would help them. They've stashed two young guards in Europe so it might depend on how/if they are progressing.


      • #4
        I normally couldn't care less about the NBA, but I am getting super amped up for the draft tomorrow night. I don't think the likelihood of AJ being one of the 58 players who hear their name called tomorrow night is very high (most places have him ranked in the 80's, 90's, or low 100's in terms of prospect rankings), but it would be great to see and hear "Northern Iowa" announced on national television. Whether he gets drafted or not doesn't really matter though, as long as he goes to a good spot and can try to work his way up on a two-way contract.

        I did read this in a mock draft article from The Athletic today though, which I thought was interested and can certainly help someone like AJ get drafted:
        • Expect the second round to be "active and wild" in terms of trades and movement. Sounds like a lot of teams currently without picks in this year's draft will try to gain one (or work out a trade to have another team make the pick for them and then acquire those player rights).
        • Further, multiple teams were mentioned (LA Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings) as having one or multiple second round draft picks but face a roster crunch for next season meaning they're likely to trade their pick(s) to either move up in this year's draft, move out and acquire more picks for next year, or be looking to draft players who are open to signing two-way contracts.
          • They further explained in the article that the last point was important. "A lot of teams believe in sussing out from agents ahead of time which players are willing to take a two-way if drafted in the second round." Essentially some teams don't want to chance a player signing a tender contract and occupying a roster spot immediately so they would much rather go this route and have the flexibility to bounce a player back and forth between the NBA roster and G-League roster.


        • #5
          Would not be shocked at all to see the Pacers or Celtics draft him tomorrow night because of that Two-Way flexibility.


          • #6
            Tonight's the night, hopefully we hear his name called.
            To avoid confusion - my username is baseball (Cy Young award) related, NOT for the Cyclones.


            • #7
              I don't think we will, I'll be honest, but I do expect a very fast signing of him to a two-way, immediately after the draft.


              • #8
                So how many rounds tonight?


                • #9
                  Just the 2 like usual.. it's not a long draft.


                  • #10
                    58 picks.. that's it.


                    • #11
                      So who are we watching for at the end here, Celtics and Pacers? Anyone else?

                      Neeeever mind. Now we wait and see where he signs.
                      Last edited by sevelev711; 06-23-2022, 10:34 PM.


                      • #12
                        There ya go, Bucks. Stayin' local.
                        Last edited by sevelev711; 06-24-2022, 12:04 AM.


                        • #13
                          Bummer that he wasn't drafted, but go kill it and earn a spot on the big time roster AJ.
                          To avoid confusion - my username is baseball (Cy Young award) related, NOT for the Cyclones.


                          • #14
                            Any details on his contract? Is it a two-way? Just a summer league invite? Exhibit 10?


                            • #15
                              No details yet, but I believe the bucks were the team who were rumored to want to give AJ a two-way contract pretty early on.