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Breaking News: UNI Radio Network

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  • Breaking News: UNI Radio Network

    Something interesting to ponder:

    Rumor has it that Bahekel Radio Waterloo, owners for Rock 108, Cool 105.7, Star 1330, and most importantly for panther fans UNI Flagship KXEL, are selling those properties.

    The potential buyer is supposedly someone fairly significant. Leading rumor candidates are Clear Channel (they've wanted in Waterloo for some time) or the owner of KZIA from Cedar Rapids.

    As we know, Clear Channel distributes, though does not produce, the UNI Radio Network. The upside, if it is CC, is that if they both owned the rights and distribtuion, they might 'force' panther sports onto some other CC properties, in Des Moines and maybe even Cedar Rapids.

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    Originally posted by Newsbreaker
    The upside, if it is CC, is that if they both owned the rights and distribtuion, they might 'force' panther sports onto some other CC properties, in Des Moines and maybe even Cedar Rapids.

    What would be the downside?


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      The possible 'downside' is that Clear Channel, with all that they have on their plate, their 'regional' and 'national' programming, and priorites that lie at least 'elsewhere' and at 'best' in a network in Ames and Iowa City (both of which we must admit are far more profitable), would simply neglect the UNI network.

      I've been through an ownership transfer or two in my day, and sometimes they totally maintain the status quo. On top-performing stations like Rock 108 and Cool, this is certainly possible. Other times, they clean house. In a place like this were certain top personalities have been along for SO very long, a house cleaning is also very possible. On AM stations that are only reasonably rated like KXEL, big changes could come. AM stations can win (see WHO, WGN, etc), but CC has gutted WMT, and might do the same with KXEL, at the detriment of UNI.

      UNI has admittedly limited options for someone to flagship their network in the Cedar Valley, and I think KXEL has done a fantastic job (after KOEL did such a great job for so long). Losing that would be BAD, as would seeing priorites fall elsewhere.

      If Norton comes in from CR to buy these stations, he might really prioritise UNI as well, he's kind of the wild card option.


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        Where is this rumor originating? It would not surprise me, but how can you back it up NB. I did hear that 940AM in Des Moines dropped UNI for the new hockey team. Who know who will take the Panthers now.

        Good thing for UNI that Hartzell signed that contract with KXEL last year for 5 years.
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          I can't really say where I got this information from, as the people would probably much rather not have their name attached, however it is coming from inside that building, for what that's worth.

          I apologize if this make the information seem 'dubious', however I wouldn't feel right attaching specific names.


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            I think there is another group, with some more localized ties, that may be interested in this broadcast property as well. NewRadio Group, based out of Cedar Rapids has stations all throughout Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska, the Dakotas and Minnesota. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they would like to add an Eastern Iowa station to their roster.


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              Something very interested is now out in the form of the breaking news which will give you the detailed version of the UNI radio station. I will tell you the coursework website that will perform the great news at all to all the world.
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                Newsy and Matt Trump.

                Pour one out....


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                  Miss Matt Trump. Newsy not so much.
                  GO PANTHERS!


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                    Originally posted by GonzoCat View Post
                    Miss Matt Trump. Newsy not so much.

                    This was the only notification in my inbox when I logged in just now, and it warmed by dead little heart.