Hey all.. I just wanted to share my knowledge with those who had the ability to do it... Mac has an ability to open widgets in dashboard.. and if you are a frequent visitor to certain pages like I (PN, Pandora, Engadget) you can actually open your favorite thing about that webpage in a widget in your dashboard... Here's what I've done for PN on my own Mac, just to help you all out:

Step 1:
Go to www.panthernation.com

Step 2:
Go to File>Open in Dashboard

Step 3:
Select the part that you wish to see. I've picked the upper left hand corner that shows how many posts that I've yet to read and the PM's I've received.

Step 4:
Edit your widget with the information icon that appears in the lower left hand corner of your widget to give it a different look.

Here's what mine looks like:

Didn't know if it'd help anyone, but it's been nice for me.