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Brilliant Website....

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  • Brilliant Website....


    These Texas State (fellow I-AA) guys are funny.....and I think many of us UNI fans can relate.
    "We're not an ordinary school," said Fort. "We have tradition. We have a good team year after year. We rebuild, and it doesn't matter who we have coming back."


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    the best website i have EVER been too!!!!!!!!!


    • #3
      Amen to the Texas State Boys.

      I could not agree more with the point they are trying to make.

      When I was a student at UNI I refused to wear any Iowa or Drake clothing (ISU was not even an option). It really made me mad when UNI students would wear University of Iowa apparel.

      To all UNI students that wear Hawkeye clothes: please transfer to U of I.

      Thank you.





      • #4
        I am vocal with local merchants who only carry Hawkeye and Cyclone gear. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prick about it (maybe I should be) My line is usually, "Man, I thought we were in Panther country, what's with all the Cyclone and Hawkeye stuff?" Usually it's a H.S. kid working the counter or floor who could give a rat's azz.

        I think Texas State is onto something with those pictures of the students. I would love to do something similar here. Does anybody on this board have the tech savvy to blurr out faces of students wearing UI and ISU gear? It would probably cause quite a stir, and a positive one at that!


        • #5
          During the summer I'm going to work on the look and feel of the site and add some new features. Maybe I'll add a new link and section of the site for this.


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            that would be the best.

            we need to get a list of people that need to transfer somewhere else