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30-minute show exclusively highlighting UNI Athletics

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    That pretty much seems to be the case Gonzo. Unless it's national tv or the MVC Finals we don't see it. Mediacom was at least nice enough to pick up the LSU game, but that is few and far between.

    It's crazy when the football team has more games on tv in central Iowa.

    I doubt there are very many other back to back Big Dance teams that you can't watch play on tv in thier home state.


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      Hey, I see where Eric said most other universities are doing this. I just saw on ESPNU yesterday a 30 minutes segment on "Bucknell Hoops". Any one see this? I could only stomach about 10 minutes. Any way, they get national exposure for this! Must be a ESPN east coast lovefest thing. Here, just trying to get exposure in to central Iowa is monumental. I believe we have the fan base for this. A big THANK YOU to Eric and those involved putting this together. we need your know how and desire-the bleeding of purple and gold!


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        Hello Panthernation!

        Just a quick update to let all of you know how the new 30-minute Panther Sports Show is coming along. We are off the ground and running as the business (Around the Corner Productions) is officially a corporation. With contracts from the WB in Central Iowa and Eastern Iowa, along with the full-backing of UNI it is now time to hit the pavement and begin knocking on doors in hopes of getting sponsorship for this show. Here are the details:

        Around the Corner Productions has received verbal commitments from KPWB in Central Iowa and a signed contract from KWKB of Eastern Iowa to air this show on their respective stations. The first show will air Saturday August 12 2006 and run each Saturday thereafter until May 26th, 2007. Also, Cedar Falls Community Television will air this show multiple times each week on every household that has cable in Cedar Falls. The money raised from sponsors for this show will go to pay the salaries for myself and one employee, and help purchase video and editing equipment. This show is the top-priority of Around the Corner Productions and the sole reason why this corporation was started.

        Benefits for Athletic Department:
        One cannot possibly put a price tag on the interest that will be generated from having a weekly 30-minute television show that features UNI athletics. Fans can get up close perspectives on coaches and student-athletes, thus creating more interest in UNI athletics. The sports that currently get little or no media attention will have a chance to show the region why people should take interest in their respective programs. Panther Sports Talk will focus on all of the programs---not just football and basketball. Our teams continually prove they can compete with Iowa and Iowa State athletically---it’s about time we allowed them to compete in media coverage too!

        Benefits for UNI:
        Generating new interest in UNI athletics will lead to increased ticket sales, increased alumni donations, and increased enrollment, not to mention more school spirit! Panther Sports Talk is the most cost-effective tool to generate this interest, because commercial advertising will provide all of our funding. By using local television stations, we can target our message to those most likely to attend our events. Building an increased fanbase will also help the launch of the new McLeod Center. This show is virtually a 30-minute infomercial that sells potential students, potential fans and potential sponsors on the many great things that are happening at UNI.

        We just recently purchased two websites (www.aroundthecornerproductions.com or www.atc-p.com and www.panthersportstalk.com)

        Check out the promotional video at www.panthersportstalk.com!!!! We still have a lot of work infront of us but I just wanted to keep everyone at PANTHERNATION updated on this exciting new show that will be airing across Iowa next year. ALSO, it looks like we will be able to ARCHIVE all of the shows on our website so Panther Fans across the Globe can still tune into the shows.

        We need sponsorship so if you have any ideas please send me a private message. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


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          Big Show -- you rock
          "...the Northern Iowa men's basketball team reached the ultimate highs before hitting a devastating low. Unexpected success, followed by unimaginable failure. And they owned it -- all of it -- for the world to see. Like men. Like leaders. Like champions -- in a way no tournament bracket could ever define."


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            This will be HUGE in central Iowa where we need to get the 40,000 UNI alumni in Des Moines pumped up for UNI athletics, I think somehwere around 10% of those alumni are actually in the Athletic Club, we need to get something going in Central Iowa this could be huge! Best of luck Big Show make it just that, a big show, Any word on what time it will be airing on Saturdays?
            GO PANTHERS!


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              Looks AWESOME!!!!!!
              "We're not an ordinary school," said Fort. "We have tradition. We have a good team year after year. We rebuild, and it doesn't matter who we have coming back."



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                Big Show! That's so great. It's so much fun to think that someone who has so much passion for UNI athletics is using their talents and abilities to advance UNI's reach in the state of Iowa. Keep up the good work and don't forget to ask for help if you need it from any of us. Good work!!!

                PS: I've always been told there are about 10,000 UNI alums in the Des Moines metro and I think less than 10% are members of either the Panther Scholarship Club, the Alumni Association, or both. But I could be wrong.
                "10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react to what happens."


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                  There are only about 100 SC members in Des Moines. That would be 1%.
                  The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice, clouds and thick darkness surround Him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. Fire goes before Him, and consumes his foes on every side; His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles; the mountains melt like wax before the Lord of all the earth. The heavens proclaim His righteousness and all peoples will see His glory.


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                    I expect there are a lot more alumni association members than SC, it's a lot cheaper and you get the same benefits as far as coupons for athletic events. I don't think your average alumni is even aware the SC exists.
                    GO PANTHERS!


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                      Originally posted by GonzoCat
                      I expect there are a lot more alumni association members than SC, it's a lot cheaper and you get the same benefits as far as coupons for athletic events. I don't think your average alumni is even aware the SC exists.

                      Thats too bad people think that way. Especially when they wonder why UNI lose coaches to schools with more donors and resources.

                      Gonzo, do you think that people might be more willing to join the PSC if there were less benefits made available to the alumni association?

                      From what very little I know, it is the PSC that provides the extra funding for athletics. They don't just do scholarships, but the help to pay for other expenses such as books, supplies, rent, meals at the dining center, etc. I'm not so sure the almuni association is involved in any of these expenses.


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                        Well...there needs to be a marriage between the Alumni Association and the Scholarship Club. I know they work closely now, but there needs to be a sharing of information. For example...if someone signs up for the Scholarship Club...there should be a box that asks...for an extra $25 would you like to become a member of the Alumni Association as well? On the Alumni Association application...maybe it should ask, would you also like to donate to the Panther Scholarship Club? Just a thought.
                        "10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react to what happens."


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                          I expect there are a lot more alumni association members than SC, it's a lot cheaper and you get the same benefits as far as coupons for athletic events. I don't think your average alumni is even aware the SC exists.
                          I'm an UNI Alumni Lifetime member - my benefits include discounts to GBPAC,
                          some resturants, $5.00 coupon to Univ. Book Store; I didn't receive any
                          coupons for athletic events - did I miss something?

                          I did receive athletic coupons with my PSC membership.


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                            I wish I had access to watch this programming but I live in BORING Columbus, Ohio!
                            GO NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS![SIZE="6"][/SIZE]


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                              Jonsoup and all other Panther Fans worldwide...it looks like you WILL be able to watch Panther Sports Talk, just not on your nice television set. We plan on archiving EVERY SHOW on www.panthersportstalk.com so Panther Fans everywhere can get the inside scoop on each of their favorite teams at UNI.


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                                Thanks, Big Show! I look forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!