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A Prime Example that we still have a ways to go.

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  • A Prime Example that we still have a ways to go.

    Mac's Maniacs at UNI


    CEDAR FALLS --- I read the article by Doug Newhoff about Mac's Maniacs (Courier, March 1). Home-court advantage used to mean playing better because friends and relatives were cheering. Kids won competitions with talent, determination, sportsmanship and good coaching, and maybe some good luck. If the other team was down, that helped. Isn't that good enough? Do we need a group like the Maniacs to heckle and torment other players until they don't pay attention to coaching or concentrate on their game. College basketball at its best?

    Greg McDermott got the Maniacs organized after similar groups added to the atmosphere during his previous coaching stops, the article states. Was this on his resume --- coaching a group like the Maniacs? It's bad enough that kids act like this, but the coach started and encourages it.

    Scott Connolly says they do research and have scouting reports on other teams' players: miscellaneous stats, middle names, high schools. In a case like Pierre Pierce, they dig up trouble the kids have had that they are trying to overcome. Connolly says they have class; they don't promote swearing. They might be nasty and hurting, but clean!

    I have been proud when the University of Northern Iowa defeated previously undefeated teams. I thought the kids played exceptionally well with great coaching. Does it take a bunch of kids in the stands yelling insults and distracting the other players so they can't hear their coaches? Can't our players win if the other teams aren't distracted?

    Special note to Greg McDermott: Dan Gable grew up in our area and developed into one of the most outstanding coaches in college athletics and built the best record in wrestling at the University of Iowa. Everyone talks about the great fans at Iowa. I'll bet no one praises the Mac's Maniacs except McDermott and the Maniacs.
    "I told my team that we just played a very athletic team (ISU), but we're going to play a much better basketball team (in UNI).'' Wagner coach Mike Deane.

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    I think that schools need student sections. Yes they can be roudy and yell pretty inslulting things at the visiting team. But, the important thing is they usually stand the whole game. They yell loud and often. In general they are very into the game.

    I think Greg's intentions were to have the good aspects of the student section come to UNI.


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      The Maniacs are great. They just need more members next year. Go Panthers!
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        It's unfortunate that this lady doesn't see the bright side of things. If she was at games, she should have noticed that the Maniac's are the few people that stand up and cheer the entire game. I hate looking at the crowd and seeing everyone just sit there and watch. Going to the games is entertainment and the point is to get involved and not to just observe. Plus, I highly doubt that the Maniac's and Coach Mac are the only ones who applaud the Maniacs. The players are glad we're there, plus, I can't recall the number of high fives or encouragements we've gotten from older fans who walk by at the games. I think this is just some lady who wants some attention and decided to rip on some loyal fans.


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          What Geraldine tends to forget is that college athletics is for the students attending that particular institution. From the newspaper article on the "Maniacs", they do a lot of research for the upcoming team visiting the Dome. It sounds like they don't go out of their way to be obnoxious.........just to have fun and get into the opponents head! What's wrong with having fun? I hope it gets more students into the Dome..............go get them Maniacs!!!!

          Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier'n puttin' it back.

          Before you wonder "Am I doing things right," ask "Am I doing the right things?"


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            I like having the "Maniacs" there cheering on the Panthers, because last year the only constant cheering section, IMHO, was the Band. This is all part of the college B-Ball experience having the students there yelling thier heads off and doing whatever they can to help thier team to victory! I hope that the "Maniacs", and every other Panther fan are in full force on Friday. I know I'll be there.


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              I'd like to be there Friday, it's unfortunate I gotta go buy tix from a scalper though since the school wasn't alotted enough and the ones that they were alotted went to season tix holders. Oh well..GO PANTHERS!!