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UNIPanthersCom: "UNI Panthers Partner with Aspire for Ticket Sales Support"

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  • UNIPanthersCom: "UNI Panthers Partner with Aspire for Ticket Sales Support"

    "UNI Panthers Partner with Aspire for Ticket Sales Support

    The Aspire Sport Marketing Group announced an agreement with the University of Northern Iowa Athletic Department to facilitate all ticket sales and service for the Panthers.

    The on-campus Fan Relationship Management Center (FRMC) will be responsible for UNI's ticketed sports – football, men's and women's basketball, wrestling and volleyball."

    Entire read at:
    "Well, that escalated quickly."

  • #2
    paging Clenz,,,, your take?


    • #3
      Sounds like a Harris-driven plan to increase sales. Hopefully, this will get more people in the seats.


      • #4
        I really hope it works. But my gut instinct is it a waste of money.


        • #5
          Our 4th system in like 4 or 5 years. It’s not a good sign that we’ve spent money well the last few years with our partnerships.

          Aspire seems to have a few decent college programs partnered with it, but mostly low majors. Hope it works.

          I think the best bet would just be to bite the extra money bullet and go with a proven commodity like TicketMaster, but I’d guess the extra fees TM puts on tickets would potentially be prohibitive for a school like ours.
          GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


          • #6
            Well...it wouldn't be PN.com if folks didn't immediately assume the worst.

            Always exuding that positivity...huh fellas?
            Winning is more fun than losing.


            • #7
              I look at indeed.com every Sunday to see if there are any interesting job openings in the area (I like my job but don't want to close the door on other options). I see Aspire group posted an ad for a Manager of Ticket Sales. Any panthernation folks interested should go for it and good luck.