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    Originally posted by vbfan19 View Post

    I wish people picked up after themselves more. I'll give a pass to parents with young kids, as they have their hands full enough already. But for others.... c'mon man! how tough is it for you to take your own trash to the garbage can / recycling bin.
    I hate to burst your bubble but people are lazy. I always take my garbage to the bins. I even do that when I go to the movies. I don't feel others should have to clean up my messes.


    • #17
      It's just common courtesy... which means it's unreasonable for us to expect it from people at a sporting event


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        I don't know if it happened all over the dome, but where we sit, a staff member came through at least twice collecting trash.
        "They keep saying that what really matters is not whether you win or lose, but how you played the game. The trouble is that the best way to determine how you played the game is by whether you won or lost." - Anonymous