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WCFCourier: "Seven UNI Student-Athletes Have Tested Positive for COVID-19"

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  • WCFCourier: "Seven UNI Student-Athletes Have Tested Positive for COVID-19"

    "The University of Northern Iowa announced Friday that seven student-athletes and one staff member involved in voluntary workouts have tested positive for COVID-19.

    The positive tests come after over 150 student-athletes and staff have been tested.

    Voluntary workouts have continued on campus, but the positive tests forced the university to close its weight room this week for a deep cleaning ahead of the July 4th holiday with the plan to reopen the room on Monday."

    Entire read:
    "Well, that escalated quickly."

  • #2
    The way these things work I would be very surprised if we have sports as we have come to know them this year. At least not without a vaccine or a very effective treatment. I note from what was posted that the weight room has been closed for further cleaning. Okay, but is there any empirical evidence that it was contracted or spread in the weight room? They're flying by the seat of their pants on what should be shut down and when and due to an abundance of caution sports will be canceled. Someone will always test positive in a large squad and if that is the standard it's going to be a disappointment for the fans.


    • #3
      I'd guess, without knowing the individuals, that the weightroom is the most likely place that all of them have had contact with. Seems like a good guess unless they all have been living/socializing together or there is another campus location they share.


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        whether or not the weight room was the actual spot where these individuals contracted it is irrelevant IMO. The fact is that infected individuals were in the facility, and that it should be cleaned before anyone uses it again.
        Unless the university really wants to give up any attempts to slow down the spread of a potentially deadly virus amongst the campus community.