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PLEASE ignore A Fan in Lean Years

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  • PLEASE ignore A Fan in Lean Years

    Seems obvious there are no mods and no ability to clean up the noise so can we all just agree he brings no value to PN? And ignore all his posts. Don’t respond. It’s one thing to have people provide contrary opinions or trash talk. It’s another to have a poster who is intentionally annoying and is somehow amusing himself with what they’re doing. I try and work through almost everything that’s on PN but have to filter through the noise this person is creating. So we all can do our part. I’ll start by not responding to the crap he’ll post in this thread. He can post all he wants but maybe a lack of attention will limit the volume.


  • #2
    That includes quoting him. If nobody quotes him those of us with him ignored don't see it either.


    • #3
      I agree. Ignore.


      • #4
        Ok, I'll go along.
        BUT if he / she makes racist comments or uses the R word, I'm gong all out both barrels.


        • #5
          Neighbor, assuming that his motive is to have fun generating responses from annoyed PN members, you’re just telling him what he should do. (I recommend you delete and ignore.)


          • #6
            If you and the rest of us just add them to your ignore list then it's just noise in the void. Only the spam bots will be around to hear him

            I am not advocating for ignoring racism and discrimination when we SEE it. But if no audience for it then we take away the power


            • #7
              I just added him to my ignore list.
              "They keep saying that what really matters is not whether you win or lose, but how you played the game. The trouble is that the best way to determine how you played the game is by whether you won or lost." - Anonymous


              • #8
                Originally posted by BCPanther View Post
                That includes quoting him. If nobody quotes him those of us with him ignored don't see it either.
                THIS. (10 characters)
                Give us a yell, HO! The purple and the gold
                Victory for U-N-I!

                Find out what the other team wants to do, then take it away from them.
                - George Halas


                • #9
                  Nothing Fan has ever posted has ever bothered me. I used to get bothered a little by the fact he and/or others could end up getting suspended on here simply because a bunch of other posters didn't like them and attacked them relentlessly, but I've gotten over that. The site is what it is and I hope it stays up and running, but it is of little interest to me personally anymore.
                  GO PANTHERS!