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RIP Cap’n Cat

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  • RIP Cap’n Cat

    Saw this on AGS sad news for the UNI and FCS family. He hasn’t been around much but he was one of the originals and had several opportunities to tailgate with him my senior year both home and away. Thanks for the “sideline pass” at the WIU game, was a memory I’ll never forget.

    Oh, and let me make this perfectly clear to you people: you go to UNI, NOT IOWA. The Hawkeyes and their fans do not give a crap if you remain "true to them" or some stupid self-fulfulling bullcrap like that.-OTP

    What i say are my opinions and mine alone, and not that of anyone associated with me.

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    Man. Bill was a big presence on campus - in many ways - back in the '80s. Kind and funny, if he met you once, you were a friend. And an absolute force on the football field, a cornerstone of the Mudra years. And always a Panther.
    "Well, that escalated quickly."


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      I saw that on Xwitter the other day. Don't recall running into him on campus even though it looks like we were there around the same time. I enjoyed his posts on here. I remember he always wanted a new stadium with no roof. I got to meet him several years ago at a tailgate in Normal. I didn't talk to him much but he was a really nice guy. RIP, Cap'n
      "And immediately, (P'Allen Stinnett's) Facebook status was spouting vulgarities towards the university."


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        So sad to hear this. A true Panther.
        Give us a yell, HO! The purple and the gold
        Victory for U-N-I!

        Find out what the other team wants to do, then take it away from them.
        - George Halas


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          I'd been missing his posts. I saw Farley's tweet the other day, but didn't realize *he* was Cap'n Cat. His line that I remember most is "every game is different", probably a gentle rebuke to some Panther fans stressing over a loss. Way, way too young