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Tonight's WCF Courier...

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  • Tonight's WCF Courier...

    had this article:

    I thought it was interesting that they still think Aaron Boettcher is still at UNI. It says he is "sitting out of spring drills and contemplating a transfer." As far as I know, Boettcher is gone and enrolled at Winona State. I can't believe that the sports writers at the Courier didn't know this.

    Someone should send them this link:

    this is their roster and it clearly shows Boettcher on it.

  • #2
    He is definately listed on Winona St's roster and not UNI's.
    Additionally, Foster is still listed on UNI web-site roster.....

    I wish our SID would get the roster on the website updated and with bio's. Don't know why this is taking soo long. Also wondering if the kids that don't have a listed city next to their name....if they were walk-ons last year.

    If anyone has any info on the walk-on program, I'd be interested......the # of walk-ons that try out....how many can make the team
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      They also don't have the schedule updated either. I know for sure the schedule is set, but it isn't posted on the website.


      • #4
        Aaron is still on campus. I see him around here every now and then in the mornings unless he is just making random trips back and forth I think he's still here. He might just be finishing out the semester here.
        "I told my team that we just played a very athletic team (ISU), but we're going to play a much better basketball team (in UNI).'' Wagner coach Mike Deane.


        • #5
          The schedule is listed in one of the press releases recently. It's towards the bottom of the page.
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