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***Week 1 - at Iowa State***

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  • Originally posted by Blue42 View Post
    If anyone watched that game on Saturday and is still concerned about McElvain's height...well then I can't help you son.

    Concerned, no. However, if later in the year we’re still running a bunch bootlegged horizontal passes to the sideline, then the height thing will come into the conversation. Will has a a couple of 6’3 plus receivers. He needs to be able to step up in the pocket and rip a throw down the middle. Deep in, deep cross, post, those kinds of routes. He and the offense will continue to adjust and get better.


    • Originally posted by clenz View Post

      Talk about a mountain out of a mole hill

      ​This team was about a tenth of a second away from recovering a fumble in the third overtime and winning. That fumble came as the defense has stuffed Iowa State on third and one. The fumble going forward is what gave Iowa State the first down. I wouldn't have been shocked to see ISU kick a FG to go to a 4th OT if that fumble didn't happen.

      And again, that defense was within a fraction of an inch of winning the game for the team.

      He put his trust in the strength of the program and in OT that's a smart play.

      When did the offense go into prevent offense? I sure as hell didn't see it

      If you told me to pick going into OT what I trusted to win that game more: the defense making a stop or the offense converting a 2 point conversion in a walk of situation I'm picking that defense every time.

      The offense has no push against that front 7. Averaged 1.1 yards per rush. Almost no chance your running a 2 point conversion in. The best bet would be to run a sprint out with Will with James or McShane, but from the 2 yard line everything is so compressed there wouldn't be a ton of space a defender would have to make up.

      If anyone on this forum is critical of Farley, it's been me. Yet even I don't have any real issue with that decision.
      I'm usually very critical as well but I have nothing bad to say about what happened Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised. Kicking game was solid. McElvain didn't force the plays and did a great job getting out of dodge when needed. Our defense stood strong and forced field goals instead of giving up TDs. Of course there are things we can and will do better but given the level of expectations of the ISU team we played and how well we played them it was a very respectable result.


      • Just watched the last half of the game and the OTs for the very first time. Oh, that fumble right before the game winning touchdown... if that linebacker from UNI dives on the ball even a split second earlier, the Panthers win the game. Can't believe what a knock down drag out fight the end of that game was.
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