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***Week 2 - vs Southern Utah***

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    i didn't think the crowd was terrible...what we all want no...but not terrible. i was pleased with the nice student turnout. I think we are fighting a national trend of decreasing attendance. with pretty much every game on TV it's really easy for casual fans to watch from home. I think if we continue to win...and continue to climb in the polls increased attendance will follow along.

    as for the on the field stuff...outside of really needing to establish a running game there's not a lot to complain about. Will seems to be making good decisions and his ability to extend plays makes us really hard to defend. It's hard to cover good WR's for that long. As for the running back spot i really think they wanted to give McCabe and extended look as he was in the game early and getting the ball but he put the ball on the ground a couple times and then Trevor made some second half plays. Is there a reason we haven't seen Hoosman?

    I'm ready for them to have two weeks of cleaning things up before Idaho St. and Weber St. If we take a big leap forward with the bye this team could start to look scary good. Of course the Valley will be the true test and making sure we don't stub our toe in one of the games we're favored to win.


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      Official attendance was 9,241. Which isn't good, granted, but here's the attendance for last year's games:

      Hampton: 9,116
      NDSU: 9,899
      SDSU: 12,013
      ISU-R: 10,838
      Mizz St: 10,072

      So again, while not good numbers, they are right around par.