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NDSU Game Thread

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  • #61
    Hope for a season that gets rudely derailed when we play our first XDSU team? Some traditions just can't be broken. Meanwhile, lol MSU, currently down to Youngstown by a touchdown.

    Battle for third will likely be decided on Oct 30, SIU @ us.


    • #62
      UNI with their typical 2nd half meltdown vs NDSU


      • #63
        Wild thought but maybe we could draw up a play where Day isn’t trying to throw 20-30 yards. 5 yard outs are a thing to get a qb in rhythm. The D looks very solid outside of some big plays. O-line is just really struggling. We’ve had some terrible mistakes that have kept this game out of reach. It’s frustrating to see a team with so much talent struggle to operate at a level they probably should. Long way to go in this game but we can’t keep putting our D in terrible spots with field position.


        • #64
          Why not kick it deep for a touch back, given the way the special teams have been playing?


          • #65
            I don't understand the short kicks. Oh and Weston is a stud...
            If computers ruled college basketball the way they do football, we'd have skipped all this March Madness monotony and just waited a month for the Kansas-Kentucky title game. And watched Northern Iowa play Cornell in the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. ~ Dwight Perry The Seattle Times


            • #66
              The number of times the Bison knock someone to the ground after the whistle is pretty remarkable.

              Brawntae got taken out with a shot in the back a two count after Luebke got tackled on that 3rd down.

              Never a call.
              Winning is more fun than losing.


              • #67
                Is there a rule against throwing a flag on NDSU? They get away with everything. Unbelievable


                • #68
                  I really thought this would be the year and the team that could beat NDSU and contend for the conference title. Now, I may have to accept that UNI is destined to be a 3rd to 5th place in the conference annually.


                  • #69
                    OMG! A penalty against NDSU!


                    • #70
                      Why does UNI keep throwing to just Hampton? UNI has taller receivers, right?


                      • #71
                        lol James Madison.


                        • #72
                          The offense clearly has a ton of potential but needs to sharpen things up.

                          This game will be good for Theo Day. He's never played live in a game like this before and he'll get better as a result of this one.

                          He found out what the MVFC is all about. How good the competition is.

                          Defense played well but obviously got gassed and couldn't get off the field on some 3rd downs.

                          I like this team. But to contend they've gotta find one more gear.

                          Winning is more fun than losing.


                          • #73
                            - Love the way Bradrick Shaw runs. I know Dom Williams might be a bit more explosive, but give me Shaw between the tackles all day. I also love McShane's ability out of the backfield

                            - Absolutely love the way Theo Day stepped up in the pocket even with significant pressure coming at him most of the game. He just needs to get a little air under the ball on those deep throws and give Weston a chance. Give him some tape of Russell Wilson.

                            - Speaking of that pressure, our RT had a brutal day. NDSU is obviously a very solid team, but our line struggled to keep them out of the backfield. It didn't help that we were playing catch up most of the game.

                            - Time Management... Woof... We just love to set timeouts on fire.

                            - NDSU is tough. I don't envy defenses that have to tackle their QB and #44 all season. They are just strong kids. And their receiver is a legitimate stud as well.

                            I hope we take some positives from this game and step up the play the rest of the year. Definitely capable, but still quite a bit of work to do.


                            • #74
                              Lol Missouri State. And possibly lol North Dakota, so that SIU game is going to loom large. Assuming that UNI and SIU run the table against the non-DSU's, that could be a fight for the 8th seed in the playoffs.


                              • #75
                                Originally posted by kochrab View Post
                                I'm over these NDSU announcers already.
                                when I saw it was an NDSU production with those announcers, I never bothered to unmute the ESPN+ feed and instead synched up Rima and Petey's call