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What schools will be lured into the PAC 12?

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  • havok58
    They have two years to get 8 teams. I see them picking some schools from other G5 conferences in year one, working on the MWC teams to fall in during the second year (maybe with the MWC commissioner and presidents realizing that the PAC 12 has a more known name brand than the MWC). And finally, due to FSU and Clemson lawsuits against the ACC, another raid by the Big 20, SEC and Big 12 on ACC schools, and Stanford and Cal come back home to the PAC 12.

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  • UNIpanther99
    The scheduling agreement they have with the MWC makes it really hard for the PAC-2 to pick off some of the MWC teams. So it's likely either a full merger or nothing.

    I suppose, if enough of the MWC teams conspired to join the PAC-2 and leave the boat anchors behind, they could vote to dissolve the conference. That would be a disaster for the remaining teams, because they wouldn't have an existing structure to invite new teams in - and would lose their NCAA auto-bid in basketball, etc.

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  • BrockLesnar2
    started a topic What schools will be lured into the PAC 12?

    What schools will be lured into the PAC 12?

    Perhaps some MWC schools? Maybe, Gonzaga and Saint Mary's? Could South Dakota State and North Dakota State be taken? Only Oregon State and Washington State remain. What would they make of all this stuff? Others think the PAC 12 is done.
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