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Has apathy set in on UNI basketball?

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    Originally posted by sivert View Post

    Yes, and as a season ticket holder, I felt like in particular the home games were disappointing. Both in quantity and quality. We didn't have many significant OOC home games. And conf season was dismal.

    We still went to pretty much every game, though.
    I'll take issue with that. UNLV, Arlington and Xavier. We are never in the next decade going to do as well as that for consequential non-conference home games. Sure, the DIIIs, Alcorn and Chicago State are underwhelming but every home schedule at our level has some filler and in some cases the home schedule is all filler.


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      Hmmm. Yeah. You're right. But I still felt like that. Maybe I am being irrational. But when conf season came, I had a feeling like, "OOC is over?" I can't explain it. You're right, though. I was there for all three of those.


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        Did Paul Lusk have an Alize Johnson level talent coming in that might decommit?


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            Wonder if Marty Simmons has any 7' Lithuanians on the line that he could send our way?


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              Also saw the Likekle kid from Texas who we offered prior to Ty Pick committing has decided to transfer from Fresno State.

              He's a 3*/4* guard and about 6'5".
              Winning is more fun than losing.


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                So...when is spring signing period again?


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                  Originally posted by EVSPanther View Post
                  So...when is spring signing period again?
                  Opens April 11th