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Leadership and getting to know the team better

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  • Leadership and getting to know the team better

    When I look back a couple years there was always strong leadership and players that were fan favorites. The team has lost that the last couple years and it needs to begin now. If we don't have that next year we will run into the same issues. We have to have great leaders everyday that are very vocal and positive starting with the off season and bringing it at a high level everyday is going to make a big difference with this team. It is a huge puzzle to make this team better. Everyone can say the lack of talent is why we are where we are but we saw what this team is capable of in the pre season and then it just went away. With Wyatt the only Senior next year we are going to have to have those juniors helping him out. Jake has said in the past Wyatt is not very vocal so I hope that changes.

    Some people hate social media but most people are part of it everyday. When you pay attention to social media for other teams in the league and around the county most create an awareness that excites the fans with photos of the team traveling and capturing some fun moments that help the fans learn more about the individual players. I am not saying that the Staff does none of this they do but it is very inconsistent. The women's staff does a great job informing the fans about the games, taking a lot of photos and learning more about each player. They create awareness and excitement and that is what the men's team needs. I did notice ONE player a non Senior thanked the fans for being there for the good and bad this season. Maybe we found a leader.
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      I was thinking about All Access earlier today. It was a fun show, would be cool if they brought it back.
      To avoid confusion - my username is baseball (Cy Young award) related, NOT for the Cyclones.


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        I thought it was a great show it got you to know the kids other then just on the floor for the game, how they interacted with each other and some of the fun they had, even how much it hurt when they lost their last game, I hope they bring it back soon.
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          It was a great insight into the good and challenges of being a college athlete. Loved it!

          I still visit Wisky Road a few times a year just for sponsoring that series.


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            Originally posted by CyCarp View Post
            I was thinking about All Access earlier today. It was a fun show, would be cool if they brought it back.


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              Not sure where to put this so I'll put it here. Great to see Cedar Falls win the HS championship. I didn't see any of the games but people on the Iowa board are saying that Green is an absolutely outstanding basketball player.

              Immediate starter and major contributor. I'm not sure what his personality is like and I know it's not fair to expect a freshman to step into a leadership role right away but he will possibly morph into that role given his abilities on the floor.

              In the meantime, I'm hoping Wyatt, Juwan, and Spencer can step up given they're upper classmen.


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                I could not find them on YouTube either. I looked under unipanthers.com; category men's basketball. It had a link for all access dvd but when I clicked on it all that appeared was the panther store with a book on UNI basketball for sale.


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                  They had the two disc dvd set you could buy. I rewatched it just the other day