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Game 14 Bradley

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    Nothing really new to add beyond what's been said but wow was that fun last night. It was enjoyable to sit around our living room as a family and watch that game. We looked how a Ben Jacobson UNI team is supposed to look. Defense first, let the offense be patient and feed off of the defensive intensity, and frustrate the heck out of your opponent. Even the TV crew made comments about how this looked like the old Ben Jacobson teams.

    Now please, please, please keep it up. Dahl looked great, Luke looked great, Trey looked great... just an all-around team win with different players stepping up at different times.
    "...the Northern Iowa men's basketball team reached the ultimate highs before hitting a devastating low. Unexpected success, followed by unimaginable failure. And they owned it -- all of it -- for the world to see. Like men. Like leaders. Like champions -- in a way no tournament bracket could ever define."


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      So now the million dollar question for the million dollar coach is if he continues to play lineups based on opponents or if he actually plans to dictate a style of play based on who UNI wants to have on the court.

      Under the argument that Bradley's style of play allowed us to play Dahl and control the game, Bradley's coach should be fired on the spot because there are 8 games mapping out how to beat this team. I really hope we are committed to making a change and this is the new norm but my fear is we go back to playing to the opponent against SIU. Really hoping to be wrong because it has been a while since I've been excited for the next game.

      New season: 1-0 start... Let's keep it up.
      If computers ruled college basketball the way they do football, we'd have skipped all this March Madness monotony and just waited a month for the Kansas-Kentucky title game. And watched Northern Iowa play Cornell in the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. ~ Dwight Perry The Seattle Times


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        Annoying but maybe not that surprising to see very little social media after the win last night.

        This is the kind of game I want to hear more about, and that casual fans need to hear about. Where are the post-game quotes from the press conference? That's such an easy thing to do. All they've tweeted since the win is to check out the patio.

        Instagram account was created and they haven't used it since SDSU. That site is their best opportunity at fan engagement and particularly student engagement. Completely inexcusable.

        There are many student clubs on the UNI campus that do a better job with social media than the athletics dept. No excuses, there are hundreds of students on campus who could do a far better job than what's happening now for a very small price.

        Edit: I know there's a thread for this but this felt relevant to the game last night
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          You said it perfect. The audio is usually on the basketball website so we can at least hear post game interviews. Nothing on there for this game. And the interviews with the players after game in media room never are available. The women’s team does a great job getting that done. And sometimes we see a post on Facebook but The same is not on twitter. And absolutely nothing on Instagram. Very very poor job and is this all on the sports information guy or who? We are a D1 program it’s about time we promote our product with all the resources we have.


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            Don’t worry, they tweeted a graphic last night after the game (that’s still up, btw) promoting our next game as being @ SIU, instead of at The Mcleod Center this Saturday.

            Great job from the athletic department, as usual.
            UNI FIGHT

            Originally posted by 9YRPLAN
            iowa sucks, fran sucks, their schedule sucks, iowa fans suck


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              Originally posted by UNIGrainer View Post
              I am not a basketball coach, but it feels like tight tough man-to-man defense requires an anchor to be successful. Dahl really disrupted things for Bradley tonight. It was evident. They also missed a lot of open looks, however.
              We played a fair amount of zone. Especially when JD was in there. He really accumulated the rebounds when we played zone.


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                Originally posted by Neighbor View Post

                We played a fair amount of zone. Especially when JD was in there. He really accumulated the rebounds when we played zone.
                Which could explain why he got a lot of meaningful time. Let’s see if he plays against teams where man to man or pac Line is what Jake feels will work. Great work by Dahl, give him credit.

                Jake has always been more of a matchups style coach with certain players, especially bigs who were role players. You can tell that listening to his post game interviews over the years.


                • #83
                  More minutes for JD and Miles.

                  We desperately need some physicality on the floor. Those two boys can bring it.
                  Winning is more fun than losing.