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Game 23- Vs. Missouri State

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    Originally posted by FOTY View Post
    Clenz, you were away from the board for awhile (or lowered it on the list of sites you visit) and I wanted to say thank you for coming back full time. You bring a different perspective and resources few of the rest of us have. While some may not agree with you at times, I really appreciate what you bring to the board. That post above and your recruiting updates are great examples and I feel more informed as a result. Thank you sir!
    It's been a mix of things, but mostly led by what we are all told as kids "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.".

    I started that approach during football. Maybe some noticed, some didn't. By about week 6 I was gone from the football board. I realized there was no point for me to continue to just feed into everything I'd already said and focus on all the garbage that was going on. Same thing with basketball.

    What is has allowed me to do is take a step back and read/digest posts without feeling the need to jump into it. It's given me a different perspective on this basketball season, Jake, and the roster.

    I've also spent a hell of a lot of time with my 2 kids over the last few months.
    GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!


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      Originally posted by Mudrafan View Post

      Because I’m a deeper thinker than that

      Refusing to say simply that you are glad that UNI won is not "deep," but "pathological."

      There are plenty of folks on the site with criticisms of the team, but they still cheer for our team and express delight when we win.
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