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Pink Out Shirts--Loyola

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  • Pink Out Shirts--Loyola

    Wanted to get a quick plug in on the shirts for the Loyola game. Jake was pretty passionate about the cause for the Pink Out for the Loyola game and honoring the memory of Joyce Borglum.

    It would be great to see as many people in the fluorescent pink shirts as possible.

    Same design as last year so no need to re-buy. They'll be available on the concourse before the game but if you'd like to pre-order to guarantee size, please do!! All proceeds to cancer related charities and Hope Always. Dri-fit long sleeve T for $11.

    If a fat guy like me can rock the bright pink, YOU CAN TOO!

    To order:

  • #2
    Did they shut down orders already or an issue with their system??


    • #3
      If they're selling them at the game then I can just get one then. I have a long skinny body that allows me to fit in both a medium and a large. I'll be fine


      • #4
        Originally posted by UNICats View Post
        Did they shut down orders already or an issue with their system??
        Not sure what's up there....


        • #5
          Originally posted by BCPanther View Post

          Not sure what's up there....
          Yea, UNI just tweeted the link but it doesn't work.... (facepalm)