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UNI vs Nicholls State

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  • Originally posted by DecadePanther View Post
    5. This absolutely sucks for an opener that we were all hyped for, but I don’t see this as a game to panic over. We will be fine and it’s nice to have a quick turn around against Vermont on Thursday. If we put it together and win that I think we will go on a roll.

    Keep the faith, it’s a long season.
    Unfortunately if you’re hoping we could make the tournament without winning Arch Madness this is a game to panic over. Mid majors aren’t allowed Q4 losses. If we do figure it out and play better/near the top of the league this game will be an anchor tied to us all year.

    If your goal is to be pretty good and win 60% of your games then yeah. No need to panic yet.


    • They need to stop scheduling closed scrimmages with weak teams/ NDSU UMKC. Neither team tried. So, we didn't get any better. Tonight, we were outhustled on the boards all night. That is what I find the most inexcusable. Never mind the suspension and two injuries. Why the Hell do Mar and Duax sit all night? They could not have been any worse. Welp, come 5pm Thursday, guess what...
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      • Originally posted by BrockLesnar View Post
        They need to stop scheduling closed scrimmages to weak teams/ NDSU UMKC. They were outhustled on the boards all night. That is what I find the most inexcusable. Never mind the suspension and two injuries. Why the Hell do Mar and Duax sit all night? They could not have been any worse. Welp, come 5pm Thursday, guess what...
        Mar retired
        and Duax is redshirting


        • My God. The negativity on this page is almost overwhelming. Obviously last night was disappointing, but it's one game, and they've put a schedule together where one really bad night can be overcome. If we had just gotten a meh night from AJ we win last night. The defense was largely very good last night, biggest issue in the rebounding battle was we missed a bunch of shots. Aj at his absolute worst, only 8 minutes of Noah, no Cole or Bowen, and they lost by 4 to a good basketball team. Take a deep breath, regroup, and I'll see everyone back tomorrow night to watch them right the ship.


          • Optimistic post here...first of all, Nichols is a good team which will probably find itself in the NCAA tourney. They had a veteran team, a ton of transfers that we had no tape on and this is the same team that battled LSU tough a few days ago. Give credit where credit is due.
            Shooting 3-23 from the 3 point line will hopefully never happen again and AJ being rusty was expected after not playing a game in 11 months. It looked like our guys were gassed due to the depth problem. Missing Carter was the biggest loss because of his energy and versatility.
            The roof didn't collapse...we need a mature, grind it out effort while getting AJ back on track against a good Vermont team then pound Dubuque into submission, Need to get some confidence going into the Razorbacks where I believe we can win.
            Hang in there panthernation. It's a long season.
            "Give a cheer Ho, the purple and the gold!!"


            • It wasn't pretty in many areas of the game. The defense was pretty good. There were a few stretches as it seems to happen where they ended up with 2 or 3 offensive rebounds on a single trip down the floor but all in all the defensive effort was good enough to win most games. The offensive shooting was what I was most disappointed in. Yeah maybe AJ was forcing some shots but I didn't think he took any that made me say, don't shoot that. He had decent looks all night. If any of those fall, it's a totally different game. Number 5 started feeling his oats late in the game because AJ just couldn't get it going and I think that helped ratchet up their intensity on the defensive end.

              We do need to see more from Heise, Betz, and Anderson. I really wanted to see another post player emerge but Betz looks like he'd rather be at the 3 pt line than trying to get dirty down in the block. Hopefully Henry will serve his sentence and be a model citizen from here on out and figure out how to contribute on the court in the post.

              Another observation was that the offensive flow changed once Carter left the game. There were cuts to the basket and better movement when he was on the court. That's something we've all said has been lacking for the last several years. Yes it sucks to lose the opener to an opponent you'd like to think should be a tune up game. That said in the end we don't know how bad this loss will be yet and if it lights a fire under the team, great. Let's see how the team reacts tomorrow night. They are going to have to look a whole lot better than they did but I'm not willing to throw in the towel after a single game. This team is not going to shoot that poorly again and once a few of those shots drop, the offense will look significantly better.
              If computers ruled college basketball the way they do football, we'd have skipped all this March Madness monotony and just waited a month for the Kansas-Kentucky title game. And watched Northern Iowa play Cornell in the Poulan Weedeater Bowl. ~ Dwight Perry The Seattle Times


              • Kimmons was pouring his whole heart into that game at the end. Missed that guy.

                He was out of control a couple times at critical moments, but no one else was doing anything anyways


                • Originally posted by DownGoesKansas View Post
                  I'm as die hard as they come. But not even really phased by this anymore.. I guess it's apathy it just tired of same old stuff from both football and basketball programs. I'm not a Jake hater but have always been a bit of a doubter. Just hoped we could put something together with AJs last season.

                  And I know nothing is going to change for either and the future stability of uni athletics is bleak. Ugh. Could we not at least wait a few games for this to happen
                  AJ has another year, correct?

                  he thinks he is a NBA lock ?

                  i could see him going into portal if this season doesn’t end in ncaa tournament.


                  • Originally posted by ProwlingPanther View Post
                    How many ways can we show our incompetence? From streaming to just down right SUCKING on the court. And the idiots posting about, "well they aren't D3 but." Don't ever do that **** again.
                    All - Phyfe = incompetence. Just a terrible night (except Phyfe)

                    Ok - Phyfe battled, stayed out of foul trouble and scored against triple teams. Something to build on...


                    • Originally posted by run&blade View Post

                      AJ has another year, correct?

                      he thinks he is a NBA lock ?

                      i could see him going into portal if this season doesn’t end in ncaa tournament.
                      He's absolutely an NBA lock. Austin Reaves is playing all sorts of minutes for the Lakers and AJ is universally better thought of.

                      It's one night.

                      After sleeping on it, we're fine. Last night was disappointing but we're fine. The only thing it does is hurts the margin of error and there are all sorts of opportunities for this game to be forgotten about. They are also not going to be a boat anchor on our numbers, they're probably a 150ish team though their league schedule hurts a lot there.

                      We held them to 62 points and they'll end up averaging around 80. The defense that we've been missing the last couple years was there and you could tell it in rotations and challenged shots.

                      We're not going to have another night where we shoot 30% and you only get 6 total points out of AJ and Carter.

                      We're fine.


                      • My life just got a little easier. Never again will I have to see someone's posts. Here's to many more not so lean years!


                        • I don’t see Green’s name on a couple mock drafts.

                          “Lock”? He won’t be able to rebound in NBA, get torched off the dribble, and he won’t be able to finish at the rim. His assist to turnover ratio is bad.

                          lots of great college guys are not nba material.

                          his only asset would be a spot shooter. That’s it and lots of liabilities to go with that. To consider all of that and call him a lock is ludicrous.

                          Senior Member
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                          • Originally posted by UNIGrainer View Post

                            Block him. For some reason this is the only message board on the internet that wont ban anyone, but if we all block him he is just shouting into the abyss.
                            We can't. Ames wandered off and took away the ability. I'm deleting all of his posts. Block him or ignore him. Who cares what his opinion is, if it even his opinion.
                            Selling a lot of old UNI stuff here: http://www.panthernation.com/showthread.php?t=65762


                            • It was great to see the students into it. I hope they come back.
                              The McLoud Center -Bob Lutz, Wichita Eagle, 2/3/2010


                              • I agree with what others have said this morning. Last night was a bit heat off the moment as a PO'd fan. We just had so many chance to win last night, made it so frustrating. A lot of wide open 3s missed, poor FT shooting, rebounding issues, etc. AJ will be better, Trae will shoot better, Bowen will be back. We still have the schedule to prove we're a good team though. Nicholls has five P5 games the next couple months, hopefully they can get a win or two in those.

                                Also, was there any update on Carter after the game?
                                To avoid confusion - my username is baseball (Cy Young award) related, NOT for the Cyclones.