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Volleyball 2017

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  • And the Panthers complete the sweep, winning the third 25-19
    Bears also completed their sweep over the Bulldogs, with a 25-21 third set win.

    MSU clinches an outright regular season MVC championship and the #1 seed in the conference tournament.
    UNI is locked into the #2 seed, giving them a bye into the semifinals.
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    • 2017 Missouri Valley Conference Volleyball Tournament schedule
      Nov. 23-25 - Normal, IL (hosted by Illinois State)

      Thurs. Nov. 23
      #3 seed (Drake or Illinois State) vs. #6 seed (Valpo/Indiana State)
      #4 seed (Illinois State or Drake) vs. #5 seed (Indiana State/Valpo/SIU)
      Whichever game that does not feature the host team (Illinois State) will likely start at 5 pm, and Illinois State's match will start at 7:30 pm (or 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first match, should it run long)

      Fri. Nov. 24
      #1 Missouri State vs. [4/5 match winner]
      #2 UNI vs. [3/6 match winner]
      again, the match opposite Illinois State's side of the bracket will start at 5 p.m. with the other match starting at 7:30 (or 30 minutes after)

      Sat. Nov. 25
      4 pm - championship match

      Sun. Nov. 26
      8 pm (CST) - NCAA Women’s Division I Volleyball Selection Show - ESPNU
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      • MVC tournament seeding scenarios:
        #1 Missouri State (16-0)
        #2 UNI (14-3)
        #3 [Drake or Illinois State]
        #4 [Illinois State or Drake]
        #5 [Indiana State, Valpo, or SIU]
        #6 [Valpo or Indiana State]

        #3 / #4 determination
        Drake - (12-5 MVC, 2-0 vs. ILS) - home vs. UNI (14-3)
        Illinois State - (11-5 MVC, 0-2 vs. DU) - home vs. INS (7-9) and UE (4-12)

        If Drake wins next Saturday in their home match against UNI, or if Illinois State loses one of their final 2 matches (home against Indiana State and Evansville), then Bulldogs will get the #3 seed and the Redbirds (who host the MVC tourney) will get #4.
        But if UNI beats Drake, and ILS wins both their matches, then the seeding will be #3 ILS and #4 Drake.

        #5 / #6 determination
        Indiana State - (7-9 MVC. 2-0 v Valpo, 1-1 v SIU) - @ ILS (11-5), @ BU (2-14)
        Valparaiso - (7-9 MVC. 0-2 v INS, 0-1 v SIU) - home vs. MSU (16-0) and SIU (5-11)
        SIU - (5-11 MVC, 1-1 v INS, 1-0 v VU) - @ LU (3-13), @ VU (7-9)

        Only way SIU qualifies for the conference tournament is for the Salukis to win their two remaining matches and for both Indiana State and Valpo to lose both of each of their remaining matches. If that scenario occurs, all 3 teams would finish at 7-11. head to head matches amongst the three teams will have then ended up: SIU 3-1, INS 3-1, VU 0-4). That would knock Valpo out of the tie, leaving a 2-way tie between the Salukis and the Sycamores. In that instance, since those two split their head-to-head matches, it would go to power rating, in which case SIU's "extra" win over Drake is bigger than INS's "extra" win over Loyola.
        Thus in this unlikely scenario, the seeds would be #5 SIU, #6 Indiana State

        Otherwise, it comes down to Indiana State and Valpo. If the two finish tied (both win out, both lose out, or both split), the Sycamores would take the #5 seed due to having won both matches against the Crusaders. Else whichever wins more of their final two matches gets the #5 seed.


        • ESPN3 for viewing the tournament?


          • Originally posted by panthergirl123 View Post
            ESPN3 for viewing the tournament?
            yes. all matches will be on espn3


            • Thanks for the breakdown and keeping us informed all year.
              The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice, clouds and thick darkness surround Him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. Fire goes before Him, and consumes his foes on every side; His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles; the mountains melt like wax before the Lord of all the earth. The heavens proclaim His righteousness and all peoples will see His glory.


              • In the penultimate night of regular season play in the Valley:

                Illinois State is hosting Indiana State. Redbirds take set 1, 25-19, and ILS rolls in the 2nd, 25-10, and completes the sweep 25-13.
                Sycamores were competitive in the first, but got steamrolled in the latter two. dunno if there was an injury or if they just were outmatched.
                UNI implication: if ILS wins both their matches this weekend, and UNI beats Drake, then the Redbirds would move up to the #3 seed, and would be a likely semifinal opponent for UNI, and Illinois State is hosting the tourney, so they would be a tough opponent (considering they already beat UNI once this season in Normal)

                Missouri State is on the road at Valparaiso: MSU won the first 25-20, and the second 26-24. MSU holds off a late Valpo run to complete the sweep 25-20.
                Valpo has led both of the sets early, but MSU has pulled away at the end to win each of them.
                UNI implication: nothing too major. a MSU victory probably benefits UNI more. the Bears have already cemented the top seed, and a loss could knock MSU's RPI under 50, which would cost UNI some bonus points in their own RPI

                Loyola is hosting SIU. the Ramblers took the first 25-17. And Loyola also takes the 2nd 25-20, and sweeps 25-23
                Salukis have been eliminated from conference tournament contention.
                UNI implication: SIU would need to win both their matches and have both Indiana State and Valpo lose both theirs in order for SIU to claim a spot in the MVC tourney (knocking Valpo out). SIU's overall record is not good, so having Valpo in the tournament is better from an RPI standpoint. Though UNI likely wouldn't face either opponent directly, so the RPI difference wouldn't be all that much

                Bradley is hosting Evansville. Braves took the first set 25-21, and the second 26-24. sweeps all around, as Bradley wins the third 25-23
                UNI implication: none. both teams are out of contention for the conference tourney
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                • The participants and the top 2 seeds are set for the MVC tournament, but the 3/4 and 5/6 seeding will be determined by Saturday's matches.

                  1 Missouri State
                  2 UNI
                  3/4 [Illinois State / Drake] (Drake holds the tiebreak, but ILS has the easier match)
                  5/6 [Indiana State / Valpo] (INS holds the tiebreak)
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                  • Panthers sweep Drake in Des Moines (25-17, 28-26, 25-20).
                    Drake will fall to the #4 seed in the upcoming conference tournament unless Evansville is able to upset Illinois State tonight.
                    Barring that upset, Illinois State will claim the #3 seed.


                    • Loyola just took set 1 from MSU


                      • Originally posted by in_the_stands View Post
                        Loyola just took set 1 from MSU
                        There have been numerous sets this season where MSU has fallen behind by quite a bit to teams that don't have very good records. Often times the Bears pull of big runs later in the set, but sometimes their comeback falls short and they drop a set. But MSU usually comes back later in the match and smacks the other team around.
                        Emotionally, it would feel nice to see the Bears get beat, but that could hurt UNI's RPI, plus I'd rather see MSU get a little full of themselves going into the MVC tourney, possibly end up complacent a bit prior to facing UNI, rather than picking up a loss and letting that get them fired up and focused.


                        • 2017 Missouri Valley Conference Volleyball Tournament
                          Redbird Arena - Normal, IL
                          All matches streamed on ESPN3

                          Thurs. 11/23
                          5 pm: #4 Drake vs. #5 Indiana State
                          7:30 pm: #3 Illinois State vs. #6 Valparaiso

                          Fri. 11/24
                          5 pm: #1 Missouri State vs. [DU/INS winner]
                          7:30 pm: #2 UNI vs. [ILS/VU winner]

                          Sat. 11/25
                          4 pm: Championship match
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                          • the matchups for the MVC tourney have been set. (MSU @ Loyola still in progress, but won't affect the seeding. Bears are rolling toward winning the 4th set and the match anyway)

                            see previous post for the tourney schedule

                            Panthers will most likely face the host team, Illinois State Redbirds, in the late match on Friday night


                            • Bears win the next 3 sets, order restored to the universe


                              • Originally posted by vbfan19 View Post
                                2017 Missouri Valley Conference Volleyball Tournament
                                Redbird Arena - Normal, IL
                                All matches streamed on ESPN3

                                Thurs. 11/23
                                5 pm: #4 Drake vs. #5 Indiana State
                                7:30 pm: #3 Illinois State vs. #6 Valparaiso

                                Fri. 11/24
                                5 pm: #1 Missouri State vs. [DU/INS winner]
                                7:30 pm: #2 UNI vs. [ILS/VU winner]

                                Sat. 11/25
                                4 pm: Championship match
                                Which one of the Thursday matches will be the best to watch? And why?