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Bobbi Petersen - 500 Wins

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  • Bobbi Petersen - 500 Wins


  • #2
    Darn impressive.


    • #3
      have always been a big fan of Bobbi's. Heck of a coach and a heck of a great person.

      And I was amused by the coincidence that Chris (i.e. the OP) pointed out elsewhere, that Bobbi got her 500th win at Indiana State, which is the same place that Bobbi's predecessor (and mentor, I think it would be fair to say), Dr. Iradge Ahrabi-Fard, got his 500th win


      • #4
        Originally posted by sevelev711 View Post
        Darn impressive.
        Absolutely. Also, I was impressed with her as a person when I saw her take the time out of her schedule last fall during volleyball season to attend the arrival of veterans at the Waterloo airport returning from the Honor flight. She shook veteran's hands and thanked them for their service. A class act.


        • #5
          Wow. The 501 was a good game. After 2 I was thinking, What is happening?!?!


          • #6
            Quality comeback, love to see that fight.


            • #7
              Originally posted by sivert View Post
              Wow. The 501 was a good game. After 2 I was thinking, What is happening?!?!
              UNI struggled at Evansville in the last weekend of last season (2018), with the Aces pulling off the win in 5 sets, which could have cost the Panthers the regular season conference championship (though Illinois State also got beat that night).

              So their early struggles tonight brought back some unpleasant deja vu.
              UNI had 16 unforced attack errors in the first two sets, which really hurt them. Once they were able to get that cleaned up, they were able to right the ship.


              • #8
                E-ville is kind of an interesting team - several international students, in contrast with us where about half the team grew up a short drive from UNI.

                Redbirds have lost a couple more matches, though I'm guessing they'll still give us plenty of trouble in Normal.


                • #9
                  Bobbi recorded her 504th win tonight, making her the winningest coach in UNI history.


                  • #10
                    And shows no sign of stopping.