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UNI vs. Illinois State - 2019 MVC VB championship match

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  • UNI vs. Illinois State - 2019 MVC VB championship match

    The Panthers take on the Redbirds in the McLeod Center tomorrow (Sat. 11/30/2019) starting at 4 pm in the Missouri Valley Conference volleyball championship match.

    The winner gets an AQ spot in the NCAA tournament.

    If UNI loses, there is a good chance they could get an at-large bid, but it is by no means a lock. so best to leave no doubt.

    The football game should be wrapped up by about that time, so why not make it a Panther postseason double-header and stop into the McLeod after leaving the Dome.
    Would be great to see a big crowd for what is likely to be the last match in the McLeod Center for the three seniors (Karlie Taylor, Rachel Koop, and Abbi Staack)

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    UNI's current RPI is at 38, with a bit of a gap between them and the teams 37 and better, but not a whole lot of separation between them and a bunch of teams just below them.

    a quite knowledgeable and accurate prognosticator/calculator of RPI projections said this:
    UNI loses - they will finish between 39 and 43. If they win then between 37 and 39.
    Read more: http://volleytalk.proboards.com/thre...#ixzz66mQvbAUW

    teams with RPIs in that range have generally made it in, but there have been instances where they've left out teams with RPIs in the low 40s


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      Welp, here's hoping the RPI is kind to us, cause uh... ouch.


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        Lost set 2 25-16, wtf?

        Wow. I thought it possible we could lose, didn't expect to get 3-0'd in our own gym by a team with 6 conference losses.
        Last edited by in_the_stands; 11-30-2019, 05:37 PM.


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          well that was horrendous to watch (almost as bad as watching the football offense, yikes).
          Illinois State has been up and down all year, looking great in some matches and looking terrible in others.
          For some reason, they've just really clicked when facing us this year here in Cedar Falls (they looked quite good last night too, at least in sets 2 through 4.).
          But the disturbing thing is just how bad UNI's play was. Lots of unforced errors and not passing worth a darn.

          the MVC has a decent chance of getting 2 teams now, but UNI will be nervous tomorrow now. And if they do get in, they sure as heck better play better than they did tonight.


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            The Panthers just never found any rhythm. I could have believed an upset was possible, but never 0-3. Congrats to the Redbirds for coming together when it counted. They sure played with confidence. Panthers will make the dance, but won't be playing in any place favorable to their cause.


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              Originally posted by Mad Dog View Post
              Panthers will make the dance, but won't be playing in any place favorable to their cause.
              If they make the NCAA's, I think they'd get sent to the same location (probably against the same opponent) that they would have gotten had they won today. The only difference is if they had won, they'd be guaranteed a spot, but now they aren't.

              If they make it, they're going to Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or maybe Marquette or Creighton, though both those last two teams lost in the Big East tournament, and may not get top 16 seeds (which come with hosting privilege) . The volleyball tournament is set up similar to the FCS tournament in that they look to maximize the number of bus trips (400 miles or less). And in those locations, the host team will likely face the AQ from a lower conference in the first round, with two other teams playing each other in the other first round match at that site.


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                When do we find out if they made it or not?
                Give us a yell, HO! The purple and the gold
                Victory for U-N-I!

                Find out what the other team wants to do, then take it away from them.
                - George Halas


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                  Originally posted by 95UNIGRAD View Post
                  When do we find out if they made it or not?
                  The NCAA Selection Show will air on ESPNU at 7:30 PM CT tomorrow night (Sunday Dec. 1)


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                    UNI is in!! Will play Missouri at Nebraska regional Dec. 6 th!
                    Last edited by Panther'73; 12-01-2019, 08:38 PM.


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                      I don't mind that at all.


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                        Yeah, guessing our loss to the Redbirds didn't hurt much, if at all. Still a bit troubling to have the early season problems resurface.