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Volleyball 2023

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  • Volleyball 2023

    UNI's fall volleyball schedule from what I've been able to piece together so far:

    Aug. 25-27: Western Michigan tournament: Villanova (8/25 at 2pm), Milwaukee (8/26 at 9am), WMU (date time TBA)
    Sept. 1-3: Creighton tournament: LSU (9/1 at 330pm), Ball State (9/2 at 230pm); Creighton (9/3 at 230pm)
    Sept. 8-10: ???
    Sept. 15-17: home tournament hosting Dayton (9/15 at 7p), Northern Illinois, North Dakota

    The NCAA also recently changed their scheduling structure for volleyball, going from what used to be a limit on number of days of competition (which lead to more instances of 2 matches in a day in the non-conference schedule) to now just having a limit on overall number of matches played. So there might be more instances of playing Fri/Sat/Sun during the non-conference. Though there might still be some "3 matches in 2 days" still being done to save on hotel costs.

    As for conference play, the only MVC team to post a schedule thus far is UIC, so we have:
    9/22 through 11/15 MVC play
    - 9/29 Valpo
    - 9/30 UIC

    - 11/10 @ UIC
    - 11/11 @ Valpo
    - 11/15 Drake or @ Drake (with another midweek match against Drake at some point in Sept or Oct most likely)

    11/19-22 MVC tournament​ (site TBA)
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    Really saddened that our USC-CU-KU tournament is gone now. I get it, but still.