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UNI/Iowa State

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  • UNI/Iowa State

    Might as well get something going for this. I've got it 20-17 ISU, being very generous with the lightweights. What's everybody else think?

    125 UNI wins, 3-0
    133 UNI wins, 6-0
    141 UNI wins, 9-0
    149 ISU wins by tech, 9-5
    157 ISU wins, 9-8
    165 ISU wins by tech, 9-13
    174 ISU wins, 9-16
    184 UNI wins by tech, 14-16
    197 UNI wins, 17-16
    285 ISU wins by major, 17-20

  • #2
    That feels about right for our perfect scenario. Lose 125 and 133 and it might get ugly.


    • #3
      Man, how many times were we in deep on a shot, just to end up giving up 7 points.

      We finish a couple of those, or at least don't let it turn into 7 points for the other guy, and maybe we only lose this something like 23-17.


      • #4
        Good effort in a tough match. Good stuff still ahead!


        • #5
          This group is in great shape and can beat Missouri/Wisconsin! Go get'em!


          • #6
            3 freshmen went into Hilton and came out with wins, 2 of which were matches they weren't really projected to win. The Train continues to be rolling down the tracks.


            • #7
              Photos are up from the dual if you're interested in such things.