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  • Kids can officially sign today and they have as UNI basketball is announcing on twitter. How forgotten is James betz? He’s been commmitted for so long he’s almost an after thought but I’m extremely excited to see what he brings to the table!
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  • Living in DSM I drop just about $30 in gas to head up to CF for the home BBall games so it doesn’t really bother me too much. I’ll definitely bite the bullet to be able to watch the team play. It is pretty annoying they only have monthly subscriptions...
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  • that was really bad and not much positive to take away from it. AJ put up a good total in points but if we're being honest was pretty poor tonight. I sure hope people don't get on him too much and allow the kid time to grow into the role. Berhow was...
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  • Decided to go up to the game after finding out there wasn't any video stream available. my thoughts from the game,

    Aj is the real deal! (shocker) His vision passing the ball on the fast break is what I find so impressive. He doesn't need...
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  • unipanther2154
    replied to Week 9-Leatherneck week
    there is some really positive news, basketball season starts tomorrow! You cant defend this current football program. Just so wildly inconsistent its unbelievable. How can you beat SDSU the way we did and then get curb stopped by WIU....? There are a...
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  • Me lol.
    Having said that let me make it clear that I'm one person and as a season ticket holder they don't care because they already have the $ for my ticket. I'm also not shook up about it either. I live in DSM, so thinking of getting home at...
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  • It seems pretty clear what the issue is and hopefully he's only "suspended" for this first semester and gets all those credits figured out. The basketball development side isn't even a concern at this point. Get this kid set up academically...
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