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Student Tickets for ISU and other games

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  • Student Tickets for ISU and other games

    First off, I would like to ask where the students have been this year so far for basketball games. This year’s team is looking to be a very good team and needs the students support. It does not look good when the McLeod center is full except for the student section being HALF full? I just don’t understand that! UNI has 2 home games on espn2 this year. Bradley and Wichita state I believe. Those are going to be HUGE games and it would be nice to fill the student section.

    OK about tickets.....ISU game, cause of the limited seats on the floor the # of student tickets reserved online was kept to that amount. BUT...any student can come to that game still and have there ID and get in. SO students will not be turned away at this game. Cause it is in the dome. Come EARLY to get good seats. Iowa state is bringing some buses to bring up there student section so students NEED to be there and LOUD to show ISU’s section how to do it and make sure they are not louder then us.

    Other games....Students need to reserve there tickets online at http://unipanthers.cstv.com/tickets/...ticketing.html
    Sign in and reserve your tickets. Tickets that are not reserved and left are going to be used at the game. So even if you don’t reserve a ticket you can still show up WITH YOUR ID and get in if not all the tickets are reserved. So basically...students will be able to get in most of the games if they just come with there ID! But just to be safe, students should reserve there ticket online a couple days before the game. Another thing, you don’t need to bring in a printed ticket, just have your ID and you will be able to get in.

    STUDENTS lets have a good showing from now on and support possibly one of the best teams to play here. Hope to see you all there!
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    Okay we get that ur pissed that the students aren't coming out, don't start four freickin topics about it. and hint hint, change up ur post, so that it dosen't become repetative dribble. Sorry to be so orny, but people like this irk me.
    Oh, and let me make this perfectly clear to you people: you go to UNI, NOT IOWA. The Hawkeyes and their fans do not give a crap if you remain "true to them" or some stupid self-fulfulling bullcrap like that.-OTP

    What i say are my opinions and mine alone, and not that of anyone associated with me.


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      I'd suggest using spell-check, too.
      UNI isn't exactly splitting atoms in terms of academics. -run&blade