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    Thank you all for the great feedback from our debut show of Panther Sports Talk. We made some changes on our end and will continue to listen to YOU the viewers to see what things we can improve on to produce the BEST POSSIBLE UNI SPORTS TV SHOW each week!!!!

    Show number 2 will air across the state on Saturday. 6:30 AM on Central IA WB and 5:00 PM on Eastern IA WB as well as throughout the week on CFU Cable and Cedar Falls Community TV. The 2nd show features a nice interview with the new UNI President (his thoughts on sports and the UNI Athletic Department), preview/feature on the women's soccer program, the Panther Scoreboard, some shots around the McLeod Center and a feature on how the show PANTHER SPORTS TALK has evolved over the past 5 years.

    As always, each show will be archived on our website: www.PantherSportsTalk.com. We can't wait for the sports seasons to start so we can start bringing you more action, but we hope you enjoy the first couple of shows. GO PANTHERS!

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    I live in Cedar Rapids and have Mediacom for a service. What channel and time will I be able to watch the program?

    Great show, keep it up!!


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      5PM Saturday on KWKB. I don't know what channel that is on Mediacom, but it's the WB station.
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        Thanks for the quick answer PTTB. Always there when someone is at need.
        GO PANTHERS!!


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          Just watched the 2nd show again another great Job Eric keep up the good work !
          Feel the Power of Purple !!!!!!


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            Great Job Eric!!! Thank you for giving UNI a voice State Wide!! We are going to convert some of those Hawks and Clones Yet!!


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              What an outstanding show this week! I continue to be impressed with the effort and quality product! Thanks for all the work you do Eric.

              I also really like the way you have added the names and artists of the songs you play during the show while the songs are playing. It is also nice to see you guys devoted to bands who are local to the state.


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                Great show again.

                I also like the artist information - wish more shows did that.

                Too bad the show time here in eastern Iowa is 5:00 Sat., since that will be right in the middle of most UNI football games. Panther fans will have to tape, TIVO, or see it on the web. I'll be on the road driving to BB games at that time this winter too. Wish our time was different.
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                  Here's a question -- during the segment with the new president, there was a clip of a girl in a green sweatshirt studying at a table outside. She stands up and I'm almost certain that her sweatshirt says "U of I Athletics". Did anyone else catch that?
                  UNI isn't exactly splitting atoms in terms of academics. -run&blade


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                    Originally posted by TH1974 View Post
                    Here's a question -- during the segment with the new president, there was a clip of a girl in a green sweatshirt studying at a table outside. She stands up and I'm almost certain that her sweatshirt says "U of I Athletics". Did anyone else catch that?
                    Now THAT would be stupid.


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                      I thought I saw the same thing. I had it on my DVR so I had to run it back and I think you are correct. Green U of I shirt.

                      Otherwise great show. I have my DVR set to record it every Saturday morning here in central Iowa.

                      Keep up the great work just have the edit crew be on the look out.


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                        Great show. Thanks a lot for posting the episodes on the web so those of us outside of the state can watch.


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                          I love the show, it is really neat to see a show dedicated to just UNI athletics.

                          The only thing I think that needs changed is the UBS commercial. I love Mac and I wish him the best at ISU but that is where he is at. Hopefully the UBS is working on a new commercial.
                          GO PANTHERS!!


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                            This show is a great one...I'm TiVo'ing it so I don't have to get up at 6:30 AM on Saturday mornings to watch it in central Iowa
                            "10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react to what happens."


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                              Thanks again for all the great comments about the show. We are having a lot of fun putting it together. To answer some questions:
                              1) Ooops with the shot of the girl wearing the U of I shirt. We shot that video a couple of years ago and apparently don't have the "trained eyes" to catch that. We will do our best to keep all Hawkeye and Cyclone clothing OUT of our show
                              2) University Book and Supply is in the process of shooting a new commercial without Mac. They are a great sponsor and we are looking forward to getting their new commerical produced and airing on our show.
                              We are still actively looking for a couple more sponsors for the show so let me know if you have any ideas. Also continue to spread the word about the show to all of your friends and family. Thanks again for the feedback. www.PantherSportsTalk.com