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    The third "Panther Sports Talk" will air on TV stations across Iowa this weekend. I have checked with Mediacom and CFU and both should be listing the show on their program schedule (TV guide channel) as PANTHER SPORTS TALK.

    Show #3 includes an interview with Farley/feature on the football team, feature from UNI Volleyball media day and a feature from Panther Fan Fest.

    Happy to report that we have 2 new sponsors that have signed on this week. HyVee and Waterstreet Flats and Row Houses/Riverfront Village are both great Panther supporters and we are fortunate to have them sponsoring our show!!!!

    The 3rd show should be archived and on the web (www.PantherSportsTalk.com) by Monday morning for viewers across the globe to check out. As always, please provide any and all feedback as we look to continue to improve the show.

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    FWIW, CFU has it fixed now. It's listed with the right name, just not coded green indicating a sports show. That's good enough for my money.


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      I look forward to the show ! WOW its getting close now I hope the week goes fast and Thursday gets here soon !
      Feel the Power of Purple !!!!!!


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        Another great show. I really liked listening to the UNI volleyball players!


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          I finally was able to see the show for the first time. The production was very high quality, and the content was great also. I liked the segment with the volleyball players about the favorite toy growing up,and the game face questions. The weekly news update is great also. Good mix of news and features. Keep up the good work. One critique - the "woodpecker"-like noise that plays when a name graphic appears on the screen is a little distracting.


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            BIG SHOW do you know what stations this Show Is shown On In North Central Iowa? and if any local (smaller market) television Stations carry the show? I live in Dayton, Iowa we have Lehigh Valley Services for our Cable system.

            The Original PURPLE Wig Guy........ GO PANTHERS
            "You put some dumb red bird, a Hawkeye, and a Panther in a cage, and who do you think is going to win? The Panther would clearly rip the other two to shreds, eat them for dinner (although it would be a small meal for the monstrous beast) and spit out their feathers to make a pillow!"


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              Channel 33 is KPWB (the WB out of Central Iowa) on your Cable System. Currently They air the shows at 6:30 in the morning every saturday.


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                I just finally got a chance to see the show. From a production standpoint, it's a major step forward from the last one I saw...week 1.

                Only a couple of minor "feedback" things I thought might be helpful.

                1)It might help if you chose 'other' voices to handle certain voice overs. The one that stood out was the "Panther Scoreboard" I believe it was called. You're doing a great job, and you should certainly be the face on camera, but one voice can get monotonous over 30 minutes. Even in small segments, a 2nd voice to break things up might help.

                2)The music isn't doing it for me, and from a production standpoint it breaks up the flow of the show a little bit. I applaud what you're trying to do, and I think in theory it's a good thing. Even using local bands as the bed track is a fairly cool idea, if you have the right piece of music. The few times where it was action footbage with music/lyric over it, it just didn't seem to fit to me. The casual viewer doesn't know that music, and a sports show isn't where people go to be musically open minded.

                Personally, I'd shoot for more upbeat, tempo heavy tracks to give some momentum and speed to the show, but that's simply a personal preference.

                I don't post these two thoughts publically to be critical, but to get more feedback on these general ideas.

                Make no mistake, I like the show a lot and I think you're doing a fantastic job! I can't wait to see what you have in store once the seasons start!


                • #9
                  Thank you very much for the feedback. Glad you are enjoying the show and thanks for the thoughts on how we can continue to improve it each week. We would love to have a large variety of music in our show but unfotunately due to the high costs of licensing music we have to rely on "local music". Since we are just getting our start we are still actively searching for many more songs that appeal to a variety of demographics. Right now we don't have very many "hard hitting tracks" but again we are always on the lookout for these bands and their music. I know music is a personal preference thing and we hope that PANTHER SPORTS TALK offers a wide variety of music for our wide variety of viewers. Kids, college students, parents and grandparents hopefully will enjoy the different music selection, highlights and features that we put together on Panther Athletics.

                  Again, thanks so much for the feedback Panther Nation. Keep it coming as we will continue to work on growing the show through the end of May '07.