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Fountain v. Lazard

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  • Fountain v. Lazard

    Who will be picked first in the NFL draft? Daurice Foundation or Allen Lazard?

    http://walterfootball.com/draft2018WR.php. This site has Fountain as the #17 WR and Lazard #28.

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/...ide-receivers/. This site has Lazard #11 and Fountain #24.

    Waiting for these guys to get picked is what might keep me interested in the show today.

  • #2
    Most of what I've seen has Fountain first but all that matters is the teams actually considering them.


    • #3
      Both players seemed to help themselves after the season. Lazard had better speed at the combine (or maybe it was pro day) than people were expecting. Fountain really shined in the all-star games. I'm afraid that Lazard's drops of easy passes may trump his catches of hard passes. Fountain doesn't seem to have anything dragging down his stock.

      Predication: Fountain before Lazard.


      • #4
        Just saw Fountain listed on "Mel's Best" (toward the end of the 5th round). Shouldn't be long now.


        • #5
          Just picked by the colts.


          • #6
            Fountain picked with the 159th pick (ahead of Lazard)! Hope he has a great NFL career. Seems like he could be a great pro.


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                Between off-season acquisitions and the draft, the Colts may have turned their OLine liability into one of the team's strengths. Wherever their QB is should have much better protection this season than the last three seasons, should help the passing game.

                Lazzard signed with the Jags as a FA post-draft.
                "Well, that escalated quickly."