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I'm looking for old game tapes

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  • I'm looking for old game tapes

    I would like to find a copy of the IlSU MVC championship game to allow for a complete copy. My recording lost the first couple minutes of the second half as a result of the heavy snow at that time. I know they weren't necessarily pretty, but I would like the complete game if possible.

    I am also looking for any other old UNI game tapes. The games I am most interested in are:

    UNI/Wichita State MBB 2004-05 season (Benny J's shot to win)
    UNI/LSU MBB 2005-06 season
    UNI/Idaho FB from 1992

    I would like to put these games to DVD and would provide a copy of the DVD to the original owner as a thank you.

    Please PM me if you have some of these and would be interested in discussing this. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: I'm looking for old game tapes


    Still hoping to find someone who has the LSU game, but I am also hoping to fill out the 2008-09 season that was broadcast locally. I thought I had the following games, but after looking through tapes, etc. I find that I don't.

    FB vs. South Dakota (CFU)
    FB vs. South Dakota State (CFU)
    FB vs. Southern Illinois (Mediacom) Not sure if anyone kept this one given the result.......

    MBB vs. Indiana State (Mediacom) Same as above....
    MBB vs. Wichita State (CFU)

    I am also interested in any older games (pre 2004 ish).

    Please PM me if you have copies of the above games and would be willing to share. Thanks in advance.


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      Re: I'm looking for old game tapes

      I dont know if it will be the case this year, but last year, CFU replayed many of the games from the previous season right before last season. So you might want to be on the lookout for that.

      Originally posted by 9YRPLAN
      iowa sucks, fran sucks, their schedule sucks, iowa fans suck