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No announcement yet.

Nook proclaims Tropical Celebration (TC) Day at UNI

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  • Nook proclaims Tropical Celebration (TC) Day at UNI

    Today, UNI President Mark Nook declared that Monday, April 23rd, will be Tropical Celebration Day at UNI.

    From the UNI FB page:

    "UNI President Mark Nook signed a presidential proclamation yesterday declaring Monday, April 23, as the official Tropical Celebration (TC) Day at UNI!

    Here is the full text of the proclamation:

    Whereas it is April 18th and classes were canceled due to a snow storm, and

    Whereas, the first snowfall of the season occurred 174 days ago on October 27, 2017, and

    Whereas winter and spring have combined this year to produce wining (pronounced wīn' ing), and

    Whereas this Saturday marks one full month after the vernal equinox (astronomically the first day of spring), and

    Whereas no Spring Semester should end at UNI ​without students relaxing in Purple and Gold Adirondack chairs and hammocks on the Campanile lawn.

    Therefore, be it declared that Winter has lasted long enough and Monday, April 23, 2018 is officially Tropical Celebration (TC) Day at the University of Northern Iowa.

    All students, faculty and staff members are encouraged to wear their favorite Aloha shirt, muumuu, pareo, board shorts, flip flops, Tevas, lei and/or other island wear.

    The Purple and Gold Adirondack chairs will be on the Campanile lawn and the hanging of hammocks across campus is expected.

    Tropical treats will be available at the President's Office (Seerley Rm 1) from 12:30 p.m. until they run out. Please stop by and help us spread the island spirit.

    Signed the Eighteenth Day of April, Two-thousand eighteen."

    Those of you on campus ... you earned this!
    "Well, that escalated quickly."

  • #2
    Nice! Really nice way to help build community at the end of a long, dreary (weather-wise) semester.


    • #3
      will probably end up getting another blizzard and/or ice storm on that day


      • #4
        Maybe they could get Charlie Sheen to make a guest appearance in honor of the Wining season.
        GO PANTHERS!


        • #5
          Missed the "TC" when I first read the announcement. Nice extra touch!


          • #6
            Nice touch, President Nook.
            "...the Northern Iowa men's basketball team reached the ultimate highs before hitting a devastating low. Unexpected success, followed by unimaginable failure. And they owned it -- all of it -- for the world to see. Like men. Like leaders. Like champions -- in a way no tournament bracket could ever define."


            • #7
              Originally posted by GonzoCat View Post
              Maybe they could get Charlie Sheen to make a guest appearance in honor of the Wining season.


              • #8
                Originally posted by vbfan19 View Post
                will probably end up getting another blizzard and/or ice storm on that day
                Geez, no need to be a Debbie Downer. I personally think this is great. I do see the weather looks to be in the mid and upper 60s for that day.

                If I was a college student, I would be one of those people that would be out near the Campanile in my shorts and a tank top or laying out in a swimsuit getting some sun.

                I hope this event goes over well.


                • #9
                  I was told by several professor friends of mine that the event was a success. I know a couple of professors who broke out their ukuleles to play for fellow staff and students. Nice to see people enjoying themselves and the wonderful weather we had today.


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                    • #11
                      Very nice!