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Iowa State Tailgating

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  • Iowa State Tailgating

    If you can tolerate a dual fan like me, you are welcome to visit our tailgate for the Iowa State game. We will have a UNI window flag on the driver's side of my truck, a string of UNI banners on one tent, and a few other UNI flags proudly displayed. And, of course, UNIdaughter will be declaring her dual fandom, except with an emphasis on the Panthers in this game.
    Send me a PM and I'll give you directions.

    Go Panthers. Have a great game. Just not too great.

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    So, who is coming to our tailgate? Post a reply and I'll send you the details. Menu includes Panther Tails (brats with purple saukerkraut or purple cabbage slaw) and Cyclone brats (with mango salsa). We will probably also have Panther Blood beer (not at all as weird as it first sounds, but I think it is pretty cool).


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      Had 30 to 40 UNI fans show up at our tailgate, including some who stayed all afternoon, so there was always a nice display of purple clothing, in addition to my UNI flag, ribbon banner around the white tent, and my dual-fan car flag on the passenger side of my truck (because I have my UNI Diving sticker on the passenger side window).

      One of the highlights was when we had the Iowa State cheer/dance squad and Cy there for 30 minutes (I won an auction) and Ken Trautmann, the FCA Director, tried to get them to do a UNI cheer!

      And, for the record, I provided tickets (at my cost or below) to 11 UNI fans who wore purple to the game, including 8 in the first 3 rows of the upper deck corner.


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        About game getting, here are some chances for those who are playing games. Some of these games are really difficult and you cannot play them because all of it is just not important for essay shark and that become reason which i just share or cannot share with you.
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          Oops thought this was the Iowa game