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CR Gazette: "2018 UNI football preview: A closer look at the offense"

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  • CR Gazette: "2018 UNI football preview: A closer look at the offense"

    July 31, 2018

    "2018 UNI football preview: A closer look at the offense

    Northern Iowa football reports for fall camp Thursday, so it’s time to take a look at what Mark Farley’s depth chart looks like, and to shed light on roster turnover and the positions most likely to see battles.

    After an 8-5 season that ended with a FCS quarterfinal loss to conference foe South Dakota State, the Panthers stand to benefit from the return of a number of starters and regulars. There also are a number of key players on schedule for full participation in fall camp after losing their 2017 season to injury.

    Here’s the 2018 outlook for UNI’s offense:"

    Entire read:
    "Well, that escalated quickly."

  • #2
    I am loving this!! Pulled directly from another article about Eli from the same publication: CR Gazette.....

    “Bond’s offense revived the Panthers’ passing game in 2017, totaling 3,063 yards, UNI’s most since 2007. After a successful spring and summer, Bond is anticipating another leap forward.”

    Pumped for what looks like a more prolific offense, more passes and action downfield! Just hope Farley doesn’t chase Bond off or assert his control over the offense and go backwards.


    • #3
      I am really excited to see how this OLine does. Nice to see a big line again.

      Dunne benefits from it, Weymiller benefits greatly. Add a great group of receivers (a great TE!) and Trevor Allen in the flats ... this group has great potential.
      "Well, that escalated quickly."


      • #4
        I really hope we take advantage of home field advantage (no wind) and pass like crazy this year.