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Final Spring practice

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  • Final Spring practice

    I’m heading up to The Dome today to get a look at the football team. Hope to see some new talent that can help take us back to the top of the MVC next year

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    I was able to be in the Dome for the final spring practice. A few thoughts, observations...

    - Most impressive player on offense - Suni Lane. He looked great at WR. Must have caught 8+ balls in scrimmage sessions. He's a smooth athlete with good size. Keep him at WR.

    - Most impressive on D - Seth Thomas. He's long and pretty quick, can run down a play. He was very disruptive.

    Couple young players I noticed:
    - Caden Houghtelling #96 on DL looked good.
    - Hoosman looked good at RB. Soko as well. - Penning #70 on OL
    - Murphy hit some good kicks. Not a huge leg but pretty accurate.

    General comments...

    - We had a LOT of guys not playing. A lot of guys who will be starters in fall. So good chance for young guys to get snaps but hard to evaluate what team really looks like.

    - Several guys got dinged up during drills and didn't scrimmage. Didn't get to see Jayden Scott go at TE or Ingoli at WR.

    - In fact we were so thin at WR that Sam Schnee had to go at WR on an emergency basis. Thought he looked pretty good there in fact. He caught a ball. Fruechte had to line him up and tell him the play each snap.

    - Deion McShane had a cast on his hand and was in sweats. But he's the kind of kid who's always doing something productive. Running drills where he can. During scrimmage he was 10 yards back and lining up in his spot every snap. Part of the reason he's a player.

    - There is a real competition between the O and D and you could see it/hear it from the stands.

    As for the QBs...
    - Martens has a rocket arm and will be very good before he's done. When he fills out that big frame (he's already a good size lad) he'll look like a big time QB.

    - Keller is a smooth and athletic and was throwing some good balls. He looked a lot better than a year ago I thought...as you'd expect.

    - McElvain is a play maker and has a good arm. He didn't have the best day in the scrimmage but he's hard to judge in that as the whistle blows early and he's the kind of guy who extends plays.

    My biggest concern frankly is trying to split reps across 4 guys cuz they all need more and you need to get 2 guys ready to play in Sept. Tough call.
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    Winning is more fun than losing.


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      One other comment...

      Offense looks to have a lot of quick passing plays...0 to 15 yards...mixed with some quick hitting runs between the tackles. At least in terms of what they called on Sat.

      Seemed like we were at least 60/40 pass but I'm sure they were trying to give the QBs the chance to make some live throws.
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      Winning is more fun than losing.


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        Thanks for the report. Can't wait for the season. So many new faces that have the potential to do big things. The skill is definitely there. Lets just hope the skill turns into consistent effort and execution.