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AJ Green

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  • AJ Green

    Is named MVC newcomer of the week. First of many of those I would imagine. I had taken more of a wait and see attitude than many on here, but it's clear already that he is the real deal. I would not be surprised if he ends up being the Panther GOAT by the time he is thru. For me Jason Reese held that spot for a long time until passed fairly recently by Seth Tuttle. It's going to be a fun 4 years watching him get overtaken.

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    What's nice is that he's so good already, but there's a lot that he could improve on. Cutting on turnovers, being a little more accurate, getting the team a bit more involved. He's going to be such a star.


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      Reese, Benny J, and Tuttle are the top 3 in my book... I expect AJ will be among those 4 at the end of his career. The great thing is that he can still get better. Think about that.
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