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  • Spencer

    Is there any news on his injury? It was good to see him walking in shoes and not a boot at the game.

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    Originally posted by harry joy View Post
    Is there any news on his injury? It was good to see him walking in shoes and not a boot at the game.
    No broken bones. We'll see him again - just not this week.
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      Nick Petaros mentioned it in his column this afternoon. Jake is quoted talking about the lineup and when talking about a Spencer says, "knowing he'll be out for another game or two". If he only misses a couple weeks, that's pretty good considering how it initially looked.
      To avoid confusion - my username is baseball (Cy Young award) related, NOT for the Cyclones.


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        As Bradley and Mr. Childs learned it may be best to not hurry the process along.
        "My role is to lead, plain and simple. . . .I with the help of my staff and our administration, we will lead." --Ben Jacobson