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College women's basketball: Newcomers add buzz to UNI team built to win now

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  • College women's basketball: Newcomers add buzz to UNI team built to win now

    "Four battle-tested seniors and two juniors are set to lead a University of Northern Iowa women’s basketball team equipped to win now.

    The example they set may end up also the laying foundation for a six-person freshman class with the potential to elevate this program to new heights.

    Tanya Warren’s roster composition entering her 14th season as UNI’s head coach sits on both ends of the spectrum. It’s a blend of proven difference-makers with an incoming class that Warren believes on paper is the best her program has recruited."

    Entire read:
    "Well, that escalated quickly."

  • #2
    Going to be fun to see the impact this Super Six has to the team. The Panthers have done a great job recruiting. It looks like they have a couple more good ones signed for next year Now I hope we get some games in during this COVID season.


    • #3
      the UNI WBB team knocked off an SDSU team that was ranked #22 in the country today, 65-48.
      Always cool to see a Panther team get a win over a nationally ranked team.


      • #4
        I always enjoy watching Rucker; if she and Finley are both on, it's really fun. And then there's Maahs, who willed us to the W at WSU. I know we have talent coming up, but this senior class will be tough to replace.


        • #5
          Watching tonight's game versus iowa State. Sad that no fans are allowed.


          • #6
            I'm guessing no other team all year will be able to hold Ashley Joens to 6 points! Great job on defense, Bre!


            • #7
              I think ISU will do OK in the BXII, and if they played SDSU again, the game would go the other way. They were a shot away from taking Iowa into overtime. That lineup of 4 big guards and a center that can hit from outside is interesting. Our game with them at Ames next season will be difficult, although Green can match up with their big guards pretty well.

              I thought Gunnels and Wolf played really well. Depending on who is back next season, Wolf might be very important.


              • #8
                Well, SDSU was a very different looking team at their place. I didn't realize that after losing to us, they went down to Springfield and beat the Bears, so guess they are back on track.

                No fun watching us get blown out in the 3rd quarter, but very interesting to see Bofelli, Laube and the rest of the roster (except for Scheuermann, who might be red-shirting?) get a lot of minutes. Also interesting that Rucker and McDermott each got 20 minutes, and in my eyes McDermott might have played better.

                As with all other college sports, its been a weird season so far, but looking at the MVC non-conference records I was surprised to see us and Drake at 9th & 10th (Drake is 2-5!). Further, Evansville has already matched last seasons total wins with 3, and has the Player of the Week.


                • #9
                  just looking at non-conference records in terms of number of wins and losses can be rather misleading.

                  I'm not overly familiar with WBB (or basketball in general), but I know with volleyball, Bobbi would often line up a super challenging schedule against top tier opponents, which inevitably led to some losses. Meanwhile, other teams put together a schedule of teams with RPIs in the 300s, and racked up lots more wins.
                  Yet by the time conference play rolled around, UNI tended to do fairly well (and to be fair, sometimes the teams that played easy non-con schedules did alright too), but many of those other teams ended up doing not so well in conference.
                  But again, I have no clue how or if that analogy applies to UNI or the other MVC teams this year. (or how anything applies to this year, given all the covid craziness)


                  • #10
                    Bre Gunnels will return next season


                    • #11
                      Checking in at the women's game today. Sadly I got done working too late to make Friday night's game. Let's cheer the ladies on today for a tough game