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PST Show 7

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  • PST Show 7

    This weeks show features all the highlights from the Panther football teams win over South Dakota State, an interview with Farley, feature on the Volleyball teams early success, and we check in with assistant women's basketball coach Brad Nelson and head panther coach Tony DiCecco at the 1st team practice of the year. Catch each of the shows across the state or on our website: www.PantherSportsTalk.com

  • #2
    Technical question...if when I start the shows on my computer, they say something about an error in the plugin and it closes my browser...uh, what do I need to update?


    • #3
      You might need to update your computer to a new one Seems like your computer doesn't like chat either.


      • #4
        Whoa Ames, computer pimp!

        Now about this Mac!
        Always a UNI Panther.

        "Don't weigh em, don't measure em, just play em."


        • #5
          Ah, you see, the computer that didn't like chat was on campus...

          I suppose it's time for an update.

          You buyin'?


          • #6
            This weeks show is uploaded to our website: Go to www.PantherSportsTalk.com to watch.


            • #7

              It sounds like your computer has a corrupt version of flash. I would log on to the adobe flash website and update your version.http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/downl...com/flash.html


              • #8
                Are you running mozilla firefox? There are several things that will give me a simliar error message using firefox, and I have to go do them in Explorer.

                Most likley you're missing a plugin.